Sunday, March 31, 2013


Sara's first American Easter was pretty low key--on purpose.  I'm not going to get
on a soap box but I think we can all admit that holidays have become way too commercialized.  It's nice to have a child that doesn't know what she's "missing."  She seemed to know what Easter was when we talked about it but I don't think she had any expectations.

She woke up to an adorable Easter basket from a girl at work.  (How amazing is she?)  It had a bunch of great gifts that she loved.  Almost all of them featured Disney Princesses---a big hit in our house.  Not an ounce of candy in it.  Perfect!
It took her a while to get the hang of unwrapping the presents but she did get it.  (All the gifts she's gotten since she's been home have been in gift bags.)  She didn't want to rip the paper so it took us quite a while to get everything open.

She LOVES any excuse to get dressed up and she LOVES new clothes.  She found it terribly amusing that mommy put a skirt on.  (I rarely wear skirts.)  She was running around me flipping the skirt up and laughing.  If I had known it was going to be the highlight of her day, I would have taken a video.

After church, we went to Laura's house for dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt.  Dinner wasn't a huge success but I refuse to fight with her about food in public.  (I got her to put a green bean in her mouth and she acted like I was trying to kill her.  Seriously.)  

Joleigh was nice enough to leave some eggs behind for Sara.  She's not very good at looking for things.  (I think the vision issues have something to do with that.)  She got much better at it as we hunted.

Sara and her new friend Joleigh.  It's hard to believe Joleigh is only a year older than Sara.  She's so much taller!  Laura and I have both had trouble finding spring jackets for our girls.  Thus, Sara has no coat and Joleigh is wearing a winter jacket.

She definitely loved the jelly bean ones (her mouth is full!) but wasn't at all interested in the ones with pennies.  Silly girl!  After I refused to open any more eggs for her, she started asking other people at the dinner if they would help her.  The girl is determined!

After a busy day and no nap, Little Miss Sara is sleeping soundly in her bed--early!  Tomorrow begins another new phase for her.  I go back to work. Tuesday she starts school.   Time to adjust to our new "normal."  

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