Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Random Questions

I've been asked some very, very random questions in the last two weeks.  Some directly related to the adoption.  Some because I've been to more medical appointments in the last week than in the last decade.  Most of them because I speak Spanish to my child in public.  Let's just say that people have no problem asking whatever pops into their heads.  I don't mind answering questions but sometimes they crack me up.  Here are a few that I remember:

Eye Doctor:  Was she premature?
Me:  I don't think so.
Eye Doctor:  Birth weight?
Me:  Oooo.  No idea.
Eye Doctor (looking at me strangely):  Was it a normal pregnancy?
Me:  I think so.
Eye Doctor:  Is she a foster child or something?

Lab Lady:  So, what language is that?
Me:  Spanish
Lab Lady:  So she only understands Spanish?
Me:  Yes.
Lab Lady:  Why would you only speak Spanish to her?
Me:  Because that's what she understands.
Lab Lady: Are you ever going to teach her English?
Me:  Maybe....

Host:  Oh. She's learning Spanish.
Me:  No.  That's all she speaks.
Host:  Oh.
Guest:  Why does she only speak Spanish?
Me:  She's Colombian.
Guest:  I don't know what that means.
Me:  She's from Colombia.
Guest:  Gives me a weird look.
Me:  The country in South America?

Receptionist:  Name?
Me:  Sara
Receptionist:  Birthdate?
Me:  I tell her.  
Receptionist:  Religion?
Me:  Ummmmm...Christian.
Receptionist:  What kind of Christian?
Me:  The kind that doesn't interfere with my medical treatment.
 (Good thing I had just seen the Grey's episode where the Jehovah's Witness couldn't get a blood transfusion.)  

Different Receptionist:  Name?

Me:  Sara
Receptionist:  Birthdate?
Me:  I tell her.  
Receptionist:  Race?
Me:  Does it matter?
Receptionist:  Race?
Me:  Hispanic
Receptionist:  Hispanic, non-white?
Me:  She's Hispanic but she's pretty white.
Receptionist:  I'm just going to check Hispanic.

School Form:  Circle the race of the majority of your family members.  (Well, we're kind of split 50/50 over here.)

Side note:  Why do the forms all say Hispanic, non-white?  What in the world does that mean?  My child is Latina but certainly doesn't look it.  She looks white.  Why can't they just say Hispanic?  

I know that people are just curious and don't mean to be rude.  I just love the way people phrase things sometimes.

Side note 2:  Yes.  I am white.  I have blond hair and freckles.  AND, I speak Spanish.  Yep.  It's possible.  (I got a lot less stares in Bogota for speaking Spanish than I do here.)  


  1. It most likely means not from Spain or something similar. Hispanic isn't actually a race.

  2. Maybe that's what Celina is...? Anyway, you're not always very forthright - it's like me not telling a new dr. that I have a VSD before he listens to my heart and says, "Do you know you have a murmur?" Do you not want to say she's adopted, which is fine. But, you are going to get weird questions, then.

    1. It's not something I'll ever try to hide. It's just not the first thing I bring up when people meet us. I don't tell most people that my brothers are adopted either. Plus, I kind of like to draw things out to see what people will say.

  3. My mum is from Peru and I was born their - we're both ghostly white, red-haired, blue eyed girls. I consider myself to be Latina (and yes, you can be BOTH Latina and pale as communion wafer).

  4. I haven't seen Hispanic, not white much, but, I do see "white, non-Hispanic" a lot in Southern California.

    I think the point of it there is that they realize that there are a bunch of different shades of Hispanic people and they want to make sure that they check Hispanic rather than white.

  5. You brought up a good point Natalie. I never know what to check because my mom was white (Polish Irish) & my dad was Mexican.. I see Hispanic nonwhite and I'm like? ????? ____headscratcher____

  6. Love your reading answers as much as the questions. :)

    1. oops! that should be: loved *reading your* answers as much as the questions

  7. For demographic purposes, whites are either Hispanic or non-Hispanic. White being the race and Hispanic the ethnicity. It doesn't have anything to do with the actual color of your skin. I am white, non-Hispanic. My nephew, whose father is Hispanic considers himself white, Hispanic.