Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where I've Been

I'm up to 40 states!

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And 6 countries.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Now that school is in full swing, I'm not doing much traveling. I'm not allowed to talk about work so that takes away all my fun stories. Here are my upcoming travel plans:

Thanksgiving - NY to see the fam. Very excited about the stuffed mushrooms.

Christmas - Obviously, NY with the fam. Still working on final details. Waiting to see what life holds for Janelle. I work until the 22nd so I won't be with my family for too many pre-Christmas festivities.

Spring Break - My friend Mary and I are hoping to visit the Baja mission. She was very interested in my Peru trip and would love to go somewhere overseas to work with special needs kids. Of course, I already know the perfect place! We are just waiting for the final ok from the mission. It should be really fun. I never realize how much I miss that place until I start making plans to go back.

June Break - Anna and I want to go somewhere fun and warm. It would take a lot to top our Costa Rica trip. Any suggestions?

August Break - Most likely in NY. I'm sure there will be some "camping" involved. I think Mom and I should go while the boys are at camp. Sounds pretty relaxing to me!