Thursday, March 21, 2013

Collage Photos

Here are some collages I've made. Sara did not come from a bad place. She was well taken care of. Watch these photos and see what a little love can do.

These were all the pictures I had of Sara before I met her.  

These were all taken in the first 48 hours that I had Sara with me. 

Passport picture on the left.  Visa picture on the right.  She is not photogenic.  It takes a lot of tries to get a good picture.  Colombian officials aren't into multiple attempts.  

We had the privilege of meeting two other little girls that found their forever families on Reece's Rainbow.  It was God's timing that we all ended up there together.  (Are they not the cutest things ever?  I happen to know of another little girl just like these there that needs a family of her own.)  

All these pictures have been taken since we got home.  She is loving experiencing new things.  I think that the picture in the middle says it all.  The smile goes all the way to her eyes.  

These photos are all from her photo shoot with the photographer behind Changing the Face of Beauty.  She is growing up right in front of me.  Every day. 

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  1. She is beautiful! That last collage is amazing! :)