Friday, March 1, 2013

Murphy's Law

This entire process has been a prime example of Murphy's Law.

The lawyer finally got signed copies of the adoption decree today. She went to get the new birth certificates. (This is supposed to be an easy step.) Well, the notary wouldn't make the new certificates because the adoption decree lists my middle name and my passport only has my middle initial. (Yep. I'm serious.)

Thankfully, one of the papers in the dossier is a letter that states all the possible ways your name can be written. When I wrote the letter and got it notarized and apostilled, I thought it was dumb. Now I'm very grateful for that letter.

My facilitator also owns a vet shop. She was able to send one of her employees all over the city to get the letter and deliver it to the notary. The notary has agreed to produce the new certificates. The lawyer will pick them up tomorrow morning.

Monday we will apply for Sara's passport. I wonder what unheard of snag we will run into there.

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