Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Many Firsts

Sara has had many firsts lately.  Here are the ones so far this week....in pictures!

Our first Easter together!  (It was a little chilly and windy.)  

Her first day at the baby sitter's house.  She loves slides!  (So far, so good with the sitter.)  She must play hard because she comes home exhausted.  

First trip to an American park.  We spent lots of time at the park in Colombia but it has been way too cold here.  I think she's glad to be outside again!

First day of school.  All dressed and ready to go.  

Waiting for the bus at the sitter's house.  (I can't find sunglasses that stay on that tiny nose!)  

First ride on a school bus.  (They wear harnesses instead of using car seats.)  She got off the bus a few hours later in different pants, with one pig tail and sound asleep.  

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