Thursday, October 13, 2016

Miracle of Adoption Christmas Campaign For Andre

I always say that I'm not going to do Reece's Rainbow's Christmas campaign but then I can't help myself. Kids need families. If a big grant is what gets them one, then I'll keep advocating and fund raising.
This little hunk is not even 2 yet. I refuse to watch him grow up in pictures---unless it's pictures taken by his new family. Kids shouldn't grow up in orphanages. They need love and families and security. I often wonder how Sara's progress would different be if she had been adopted sooner. You rarely see kids this young in his country! He needs a family now!! The early years are so crucial.
More than a big grant, this little guy needs some early intervention and love! Would you consider being his family? Watch for fund raisers for the next few months. I'm committed to raising his grant but more committed to finding him a family!
For more of his story, check out his RR profile:
You can follow all the fundraisers and updates on this facebook page.

*Coffee and Travel mugs to support your favorite professional and college sports teams. This runs through December 14th.
*To make a purchase to benefit his adoption fund, you can order avon here:
*You can also purchase hand made knit items including scarves, ruffle skirts, stockings, dish clothes, hair pompoms, and tons of other things. Check out the photo albums on my knitting page to see what is available.
*Use my Amazon link. A percentage of each purchase will go to his fund.

*Auction for Andre is happening December 4th-13th. Check it out here.

*You can get a Christmas ornament with Andre's adorable picture by making a $35 or more donation to his adoption grant.
Past Fund Raisers:
*Pampered Chef Party. Through October 31st.

*Shop the Virtual Craft Fair. The facebook group is here. The list of vendors is here. This runs from November 1-15th.
*LuLaRoe Pop-Up. November 12-13. If you haven't experienced LuLaRoe's clothes yet, you need to! So very comfortable and versatile! Feel free to join the group at any time but only purchases made during the November 12-13 sale will count towards Andre.
To inquire about adopting him or the process for his country, send me a message!

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