Sunday, July 29, 2012

Random Blog Facts

So, the blog is almost at 15,000 views which is absolutely crazy to me. I have no idea why people have decided to read my blog 15,000 times. I certainly don't have anything important to say.

I feel like this is a momentous occasion but I have absolutely no idea what you are supposed to do for such milestones. So, I'm going to throw out some statistics from the 15,000 views because I love things like that. (Yep. I love math and statistics! Judge away.)

Page Views as of 10AM - 14,989

99 Posts

181 Published Comments

4,717 Page Views in March 2012 - The most views in a month.

Top Five Posts of All Time:
Item 1 - Half a Pig from Grandpa - Mar 18, 2012 - 11 comments - 909 views

April Give Away Items - Apr 1, 2012 - 3 comments - 394 views

Item 2 - Cupcakes from Carrie and Laura - Mar 24, 2012 - 4 comments - 326 views

Puzzle Piece Fundraiser - Jun 4, 2012 - 1 comment - 297 views

It's all getting very real... - Jan 25, 2012 - 5 comments - 259 views

Referring Sites: - 4201 - 1204 - 521 - 178 - 65 - 22 - 19

United States - 13102
Canada - 531
Russia - 357
New Zealand - 232
Mexico - 203
Germany - 77
United Kingdom - 58
Sweden - 38
France - 28
Australia - 25
I don't think I know anyone in Russia, New Zealand, Germany, the UK, France, or Australia.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Approved!!! Now What?

Yesterday, I received a very exciting piece of mail---My USCIS Approval!!! I did a happy dance--there was some jumping and screaming involved. (Always awkward when you live alone.) I've waited 2 months for that piece of paper. I had seriously begun to wonder if it would ever come. But, it did!

I should probably mention that it has two random people listed as Other Adults in the Household. This may prove to be a major problem or a minor issue. I will have to call first thing Monday morning to find out since it was after 5 in Washington, DC when I got the paper. I'm trying to ignore that right now, though, and just focus on the fact that I've been approved!

This approval is a huge step and it now means that things are moving again. I have had all my dossier paperwork ready to go for a month. Now it just has to be apostilled, translated and sent off to the country.

Sara's country is a little different from most. You apply to adopt from a specific orphanage--not just the country in general. I got unofficial approval from Sara's orphanage at the very beginning of this process. Now, they will get my dossier and give me official approval. They are so excited about Sara's adoption that they want all my paperwork now. They want to get a jump on it so that when the official paperwork is ready, they can approve it immediately. So glad that they are so supportive!

Here are the next steps as I understand them. (Of course, they appear to always be subject to change!)

*Dossier paperwork gets apostilled, translated and submitted.

*It is reviewed and approved by the orphanage director.

*I then receive an official referral for Sara. This will include complete social and medical histories and, hopefully, a bunch of updated pictures!

*I accept the referral and we are officially matched. I can then tell you all where she is!

*I apply to the US government to bring Sara here.

*I get a court date in her country and start making travel plans.

*I spend 4-6 weeks in country with my little girl bonding and working on a bunch of legal paperwork.

*We fly back to the US and Sara is a citizen as soon as she steps on US soil!

I know the big question everyone wants to know: When are you going to get her?

In all honesty, I have no idea. I hear different time lines all the time. Some of it depends on the USCIS paperwork glitch. Some of it depends on holidays in country or how busy people are. I've really stopped trying to figure it out! I will have about a month's notice before I travel so I will have time to make the needed plans. Right now, I am hopeful that we will be back in the US for Thanksgiving but planning to be back for Christmas. Anything before that will seem like a blessing!

Once again, I thank you all for your support and I will keep you updated as things progress!

Adoption Fund Raiser Ideas

This is not an exhaustive list by any means. These are the adoption fund raisers that I have held in the last six months. I will continue to add to this list as I continue my journey. I will also try to add a section for successful fund raisers that I have seen others do. I thought it could a list would be a nice resource for new families who need a good place to start.

Fund Raisers I've Done:
1. Give Away. I held a Give Away with various items that friends and family donated. This was very successful! There are some legalities you should know so check into those before you start (or ask me if you are interested). Just make sure you specify the rules and regulations very clearly.

2. Just Love Coffee. This is a very easy fundraiser. You enroll with them and then get a percentage of the profits. It wasn't hugely successful for me but I did get a small check every month. It requires no work on your part so it doesn't really hurt to set up an account.

3. You can find a friend or another adoptive mom who has a direct sales business. I had a friend host a 31 party for me. Another adoptive mom held an Avon Fundraiser. I am currently holding a Pampered Chef Party and another friend is holding a Scentsy Party. These parties have mixed success. It depends on the product itself, the percentage of sales you get, if the seller is willing to donate their commission, etc. I like them, though, because you are giving people a good product for their donation.

4. Yard Sale. I was pretty skeptical about this one. The woman in my small group held a Yard Sale for Sara. It was a HUGE success. They made it clear that it was for an international adoption and some people were very generous. Definitely something worth looking in to.

5. Puzzle Piece Fundraiser. I stole this idea from other Reece's Rainbow families. I've seen mixed success with these.

6. On-Line Auction. I auctioned off items that had been donated by friends and family. I also included things I had made and things that I had at home. I used a facebook page to do this. My auction was hugely successful but did require a lot of work on my part.

7. Change Drive. I've seen this done many ways but I kept mine very simple. I also scheduled it around her birthday to make it more significant.

8. Adoption T-Shirts. I am selling t-shirts through Adoption Bug. There are other organizations that also host these sales. You get a check each month for a percentage of the sales. I like these because they raise money and awareness at the same time.

9. Find a Skill or Craft. I've been selling scarves that I knit. I've seen other people sell hair bows, sock dolls, and many other things. This can be done with an esty shop, a facebook page or a blog post.

Fund Raisers Others Have Done:
1. Amazon Associate. This program is also very simple and requires little effort on your part. You put a link on your blog and encourage your friends and family to go to Amazon through that link. You get a check each month for a percentage of all the sales that come through your link. This program isn't allowed in IL so I can't do it. I do, however, make sure I use another adoptive family's link every time I go to Amazon.

2.  Karaoke:  Here's an idea I saw in a Colombia group:  "My family just had a karaoke fundraiser at our local Mexican restaurant. We raised $894 in 3 hours!  We borrowed a friends karaoke machine. We posted at church, our work, & on fb. We charged money to make people sing ($2), money not to have to sing($3) , & money to buy an "exemption bracelet" ($10) which we bought in bulk from oriental trading."

Other Tips:
1. Update your Adoption Blog Regularly. People want to experience this with you . Keep your blog updated--even when you feel like there aren't any updates to make. You never know who is reading and who is donating. I made a list of donations and where they came from. I also made a list of where my readers come from. I don't know a lot of these people!

2. Get your family profile listed. I have a profile on Reece's Rainbow and AdoptTogether. Both of these organizations give people the opportunity to make tax-deductible donations to my adoption. They also make Sara's story public! Reece's Rainbow only lists children with special needs but AdoptTogether lists all kinds of adopting families.

3. Free Ways To Help. Remind your friends and family that there are many ways they can help without spending any money.

4. Keep Your Blog Info Current. I have a blog post that contains all the current fundraisers. I keep this updated so everyone knows exactly what is going on. I also have a link to this post on the layout of my blog so that it can easily be found.

5. Apply for Grants. You need a completed home study for most grant applications but it doesn't hurt to research them early and have them ready to go. Lifesong has one of the best lists I've seen. You can also find them by googling things like Adoption Grants, International Adoption Grants, Special Needs Adoption Grants. Try searching by your country, by your child's specific need, etc.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Process

For those of you who are wondering--here's the process I'm working through. I'll try to keep this list updated as I move through the steps.

1. Fill out applications for Reece's Rainbow, Adoption Agency and Home Study agency. - Done in February

2. Be matched on Reece's Rainbow with Sarita. - Done February 17th.

3. Complete homestudy. Sent downstate on May 7.

4. Homestudy goes to the state capital for approval. Received the official home study on May 19.

5. Homestudy and I800A Application go to Immigration and Homeland Security. USCIS paperwork mailed on May 21. Officially received on May 25th.

6. Begin to compile Dossier documents--including FBI clearance. - All ready on July 1st.

7. Homeland Security will send me an appointment for more fingerprints. Fingerprints done on June 7th.

8. Receive approval from Homeland Security and Immigration. Received July 27th!

9. Submit Dossier documents to her country. Sent on Aug 9th.

10. Receive approval from the country. Officially be matched with Sarita. Approved on Sept 22nd.

11. Be given a travel date and court date.  Traveled on January 12th.  Met Sara on January 14, 2013.  

12. Adopt Sarita in Colombia.  Finally official March 1, 2013.

13. Apply for a new birth certificate with her new last name.  Received March 2nd.  

14. Apply for her passport.  Applied March 4.  Received March 5.  

15. Apply for her US Visa.  Received March 6.

16. FLY HOME!  Arrived home March 7, 2013.  

A little bit crazy, very long, almost ridiculous. All will be worth it in the end.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Kids Helping Kids


If you know me at all, you know that I like projects. I also like helping people. What can I say? I like to be busy. I have "met" so many amazing families in this process and I hate that I can't help all of them. Or, can I?

Here's my latest project:

I teach at a Christian Special Education school. We are always looking for ways for the students to help others---instead of always being helped. So, in light of this, the students in the transition program are hosting a Pie in the Face Contest. For each $50 that we raise, we will throw a pie into the face of a beloved staff member. We have done this in the past and it's always a huge hit with the kids. I'm hoping that we will raise at least $1,000! All the money we raise will go to Reece's Rainbow families.

In addition to throwing pies, we will be sponsoring adopting families from Reece's Rainbow. I am hoping to get 20 classrooms to sponsor 20 families. The classrooms can choose to sponsor the family for the duration of the fundraiser (the month of September) or for the duration of their adoption. Classrooms can research the child's country, read the family's blog, email the family, support or promote their fundraisers, hold their own fundraiser for the family. The options are endless! I am currently recruiting the 20 classrooms. (If you teach at my school and want to be involved, let me know!)

Now, I just need the 20 Reece's Rainbow families. We are hoping to raise at least $50 for each family. (Anything we raise over $1,000 will be split among the families.) In return, I ask that you be willing to communicate with the students. (I know we are all busy so it won't be a huge commitment.) You need to be willing to share your blog address, your email, and a little bit about your family and your child (if you can). It will be up to the classroom teacher how much or how little they want to interact with your family. (The fundraiser will run through the month of September. If you expect your adoption to be completed by then, this probably won't work for you.)

Families - All you have to do is leave a comment here with your blog address and email!
Teacher - Just leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know your class wants to participate!

I think this will be a great opportunity to get Reece's Rainbow and it's mission out there to our students, staff, and families. Who knows, maybe one more child will find their forever family through this project!

These are the families we will be helping:
Matthews Family
Baird Family
Allison Family
Peterson Family
Johnson Family
Brown Family
Godone-Maresca Family
Vanhalle Family
Dismuke Family
Averett Family
Doyle Family
Gardner Family
Durbin Family
Middleton Family
Morse Family
Boroughs Family
2 Families that are committing very soon
2 Anonymous Families

What Can You Do to Help?

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I have no intention of linking this post on facebook. Only the people that truly follow my blog will ever see this post. BECAUSE....I'm about to pour out my heart. (At the same time, I know this is out there for who ever wants to read it.)

I'm frustrated. For a very long time, I've wanted a husband and a family. I've gone through periods of great frustration that I don't have that in my life. I don't think I've been angry. Just frustrated and heart broken.

I just don't understand why I have that strong desire and yet it just doesn't seem to happen to me. Frankly, I have told God multiple times, in no uncertain terms, how I feel about this situation. (Think what you want of me. I figure he already knows so I can tell him.)

This hasn't been a constant frustration. It has come and gone over the years. I have lived a great life. I've traveled all over--whenever I wanted. I've had great friends and great experiences. I've done a lot of things that I couldn't have if I'd gotten married and had kids right out of college. I know this and I'm so grateful for it. I am so thankful for all the experiences I've had but I'm ready to settle down. I'm ready to move on to the next phase of my life.

Sara has been a huge answer to prayer for me. I never thought I'd be a single parent. It's definitely not something I planned. After all, I planned to have a husband! I've learned that my family doesn't have to look it does in my day dreams. It can look like my little angel and I. I really am ok with that!

However, the adoption process has not relieved me of my frustration. You see, I have fallen in love with several kids on Reece's Rainbow. There is one that continues to capture my heart. His file is with the same agency as Sara's. I think he may even be in the same orphanage. He is 15 months old and so desperately needs a family. Imagine how amazing it would be for him to start early intervention so young and experience the love of a family so early in his life!

So, I'm back to my frustration. Frustrated because, if I had a husband, I would bring them both home. No question. Financially, it makes a lot of sense to adopt two at once. Logistically, it makes a lot of sense to only travel to the country once. But, I just don't have a peace about doing it as a single mother. (I know then that a lot of you would be convinced I'd lost my mind!) I just don't think I can handle a full time job, school, a preschooler and a baby.

So, I'm back to if only....

If only I had a husband....

On-Line Pampered Chef Party

Here's the information you've all been waiting for... (Well, at least 2 of you.)

It's an online Pampered Chef Party!

*To order go to this link.

*When you put the first item in the cart it will ask for the host's name. This is where you put Natalie Keller.

*The party goes from now until August 17th.

*All credit cards will be charged and orders will be shipped on August 17th.

*You can have your orders shipped to me for a flat $4 fee. You can also choose to have the items shipped directly to you. (Please only have your items shipped to me if you are someone I see regularly!)

*Any "free" products I earn with the sales will go into a Give Away! So, you may win even more items!

*I have some catalogs available if you find it easier to look through a paper catalog than an online catalog. Just let me know and I can get one to you!

If you have any questions, please let me know! Happy Shopping!

Ways You Can Help

Updated 12/7/2012:

The fundraising portion of this journey has come to an end.  I am still knitting to raise some extra money and always willing to take on little jobs to earn a little extra.

1. Prayer. This process is far more emotionally and financially draining they I could ever imagine. Please pray that I will handle tricky situations with grace and that I will wait patiently for God's timing. Also, please pray for Sara. I don't think she has any idea that her entire world is about to change.

2. I am available for babysitting, tutoring, anything to earn a little extra money. I'm contributing as much as I can and am more than willing to work to bring my child home! As of this week, dog sitting has been added to that list.

3. Current fundraisers:

*Scarves for Sara. I am selling Sashay scarves on facebook and my blog.

*Skirts for Sara. I am making and selling Starbella skirts/tutus.

*Tax-deductible donations can be made at Reece's Rainbow. This money will be released to the adoption agency when I have a travel date. It will help cover travel and in-country expenses. These donations are also tax-deductible.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Starfish

The Starfish Story
Original Story by: Loren Eisley

One day a man was walking along the beach when he noticed a boy picking something up and gently throwing it into the ocean. 

Approaching the boy, he asked, "What are you doing?"

The youth replied, "Throwing starfish back into the ocean. The surf is up and the tide is going out. If I don't throw them back, they'll die."

"Son," the man said, "don't you realize there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish? You can't make a difference!"

After listening politely, the boy bent down, picked up another starfish,and threw it back into the surf. Then, smiling at the man, he said

"I made a difference for that one."

We've probably all heard this story. I think I first heard it in relation to missions work.

Lately, I've heard it in relation to adoption. People quote the statistic regularly that there are 147 million orphans in the world. Is my donation or support or adoption really going to help? It doesn't even make a dent in the problem.

Personally, I get very overwhelmed by Reece's Rainbow 's website. In all honesty, I only even look at the kids in Latin America because that's where my heart is and it seems to be one of the smallest groups. It breaks my heart to know that, right now, I can only help one.

This is the new campaign that Reece's Rainbow has started. This campaign has given me great perspective. I can make a difference for that one!
The names in that graphic are all children that have come home to their families with the help of Reece's Rainbow. Each name represents a child who is now loved and cared for in a way that they weren't before. Each name is a child who is growing and learning and bringing joy to their family. I can't wait until Sara's name shows up on their Already Home page. This graphic brings tears to my eyes when I think about all these beautiful children--at least one of which I got to meet!

This campaign also encourages me greatly and gives me hope. 196 kids came home in 2011! I know that some kids came home to the same family but that has to be at least 100 families that stepped out in faith. 100 families that decided to embark on this crazy journey. 100 families that decided all the fund raising, paper chasing, drama and stress were worth it. 100 families survived and 196 kids were saved!

I'm not sure how many children are home already in 2012. I think I read somewhere that it will be close to 100 very soon. I can't wait to see Sara, Keegan, Eli, Rose, Claudia, and so many more on that list.

I hope that the 2013 list includes Lene, Mark, Megan, James, and a whole host of others.

I know that the 2013 list will include some amazing families. Maybe, just maybe, it will include you?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Adoption Bug T-Shirts

I am selling some really cute t-shirts to help raise fund for Sara's adoption. There are 6 different styles of shirts. You can order them from toddler sizes to adult sizes. About $7 of each sale goes to Sara's adoption fund. (It varies by style and size.) Please consider purchasing a shirt. You'll help get Sara home and help promote adoption at the same time. ($1 of every Show Hope shirt sold goes to support their amazing organization. This is in addition to the money that I get for these sales.)

I've seen a lot of people sell these shirts in Russian and Ukrainian and I really wanted one in Spanish. So, I decided to sell them.

To purchase t-shirts, please go to this link.

To purchase t-shirts, please go to this link.

Keep The Change

I've been trying to think of a way to honor Sara on her birthday next month---especially since I thought I'd be there to celebrate it with her. Here's what I've come up with!

Keep the Change!

From July 13th to August 13th

It's pretty simple:

*Find a container--it doesn't have to be anything fancy--an empty cup, an empty jar, a bucket...whatever you have. (I can email you a picture of Sara to put on the container, if you want. Just let me know!)

*Put the container in a visible place in your home---next to your purse, on the kitchen counter, on your dresser.

*At the end of the day, empty all the change from your pockets and wallet into the container. Say a prayer that Sara will be celebrated on her birthday and know that she is loved.

*On Monday, August 13th (Sara's birthday), take your container to the bank and cash it in.

*Deposit the money into Sara's FSP on Reece's Rainbow or the Chip-In on the right side of the blog.

This is a very simple way for all of us to bless Sara on her birthday--even if we can't celebrate it with her.

I have a jar of change that I've been saving since the adoption started. I can't wait to cash it in and see what's in it.

If you want to participate, leave me a comment here and let me know! You can also RSVP on the facebook event. I'll keep a running list of people who have agreed to pray for and bless Sara during the month leading up to her birthday.

So, start looking for the perfect container.


ACE Program
Aunt Amy and Uncle John
Tia Anna
Uncle Bryon
Colleen and Dan
Tia Janelle
Kate, Tim and Family
Laura and Steve

Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Get Away

Here are all details for the Weekend Get Away:
(from Lauren who just spent a week there!)

*The winner can choose a 3 day weekend in the fall of 2012.

*The house is in Bellaire Michigan, which is about 45 min from Traverse City.

*The house is 5 min from Lake Bellaire, 15 from Torch Lake (which I'm not kidding you, has actual turquoise Michigan!)

*The house is on a golf course with a pool within walking distance.

*It also comes with tons of amenities, like passes to use an indoor pool at a nearby ski resort and a heated outdoor pool at the same resort.

*The house has an awesome fire pit.

*The area will be gorgeous with all the changing leaves.

*The house has 6 bedrooms.

I will have more details tomorrow. It sounds amazing!

To bid, go to the Auction to Bring Sara Home on facebook.

A weekend in Panama City Beach has also been added. Go to the Auction site to check out all the great items.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Sara and I are now profiled on This is another great ministry that features adoptive families and helps them fund raise. This is a pretty new organization. It will be fun to see where they go over the next few years.

I'm hoping that by getting Sara's story out there in different locations, other families will be encouraged to consider special needs adoption as a way to build their families.

On-Line Auction to Bring Sara Home

My dossier will soon be on it's way to Sara's country.

This means that I can start counting weeks instead of months until I meet her and bring her home. It also means that I have some huge travel expenses coming up---staying for 4-6 weeks in a foreign country and buying one-way tickets will do that!

Here are the items that I currently have available in the auction. If you'd like to bid on one of these items, you can do so on this facebook page. (I really think this is going to be the easiest way to do this!) If you are interested in an item but don't have a facebook account, leave me a comment here. I will let you know what the current bid is.

Auction donations will continue to be accepted until July 10th. Leave me a comment if you have something you'd like to donate.

The auction will end at 9:00PM CST, July 15th.

$25 itunes Gift Card Donated by Olga.

$25 Darden Gift Card that can be used at Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, or Seasons S2.

$10 Chilis Gift Card. It can also be used at Romano's Macaroni Grill, On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina or Maggiano's Little Italy.

$25 Kohl's Gift Card Donated by Carla.

Hand-knit baby blanket. Donated by the Goudzwaards.

$20 Shutterfly Gift Card

Hand knit socks for a boy about 6-8 years old.

Woman's hand-knit socks. These are a little large. They would probably work well as slippers.

Hand knit socks. Bright colors. Perfect knee socks for a girl between 8 and 12.

Coach Bag. I've had this for a few years but I've never used it. Tag, that's still on, says $398.

Coach Wallet. Matches the bag. I've had this for a few years but I've never used it. Tag, that's still on, says $198.

Hand-knit socks. Will fit a woman with small feet or a young teen boy.

Knit Knack Kit. Simple Instructions and Tools for 25 Terrific Knitting Projects. Still in the plastic.

Framed Photo. Donated by Samantha. Samantha is a huge orphan advocate and enjoys photography. She will print the photo and place it in a simple, black frame. 8 x 10

Framed Photo. Donated by Samantha. Samantha is a huge orphan advocate and enjoys photography. She will print the photo and place it in a simple, black frame. 8 x 10








Hand knit scarves. This mesh-type yarn gives a fun, layered look. See the auction for all 10 colors.

Photo Album. This is a Creative Memories Brown Picfolio Minutes Photo Album. It has 12 double sided pages that are 4x6 slots. It can be used as a photo book or easel since it has a magnetic strap. Perfect for holding pictures or recipe cards. Donated by Laura.

2 scrapbooking paper kits. The theme is "Family" The contain 12x12 paper. The kits also include: stickers, accents, die cuts and embellishments. They are from the Best Occasion line. Donated by Laura.

Hand-Made Sock Doll. Danielle Gardner made this for the auction even though she's in the middle of her own adoption and fund raising. Donated by Danielle.

2 dozen Cookies and Cream Cookies. 2 dozen home made cookies. The recipe can be found here. There will be 2 sets of 2 dozen auctioned. Donated by Lisa.

2 Dozen Bars. Homemade bars. The winner can choose chocolate or fruit based bars. Donated by Lisa.

Cricut Cartridge. Cricut cartridge for Chore Charts. Donated by Laura.

Cricut Cartridge. Cricut cartridge for Destinations. Donated by Laura.

Memory Book. I will put the winner in touch with the donor. Laura will make a memory book centered around an important event in your life (new baby, vacation, Christmas, etc.). The winner will choose the book size. Memory books are about 15 pages, front and back. Donated by Laura.

Chocolate Cream Pie. Home-made chocolate cream pie with a recipe from America's Test Kitchen. Donated by Colleen. Winner must be local to Cook County, IL.

Banana Cream Pie. Home-made banana cream pie with a recipe from Martha Stewart. Donated by Colleen. Winner must be local to Cook County, IL.

Home-made Cake. Home-made cake from scratch. The winner can choose a chocolate cake or yellow cake with chocolate frosting (also from scratch). Donated by Colleen. Winner must be local to Cook County, IL.

Homemade Cheesecake. Home-made Cheesecake. The winner can choose from plain, pumpkin, chocolate-glazed coconut almond or snickers. Donated by Colleen. Winner must be local to Cook County, IL.

My father works in the dairy industry but also raises a few animals on the side. He has donated a half a pig.

This pig is all natural. No hormones or antibiotics. He only raises 3 pigs at a time so you can rest assured that they are well fed, bedded, and cared for.

It will be cut and processed. The pig will be grown this summer and delivered in October in time for the holidays and to get you through another long winter. Ham, sausage, bacon, and roasts will be done. The meat can be delivered to Western NY or the Chicago area. If you live somewhere else and are interested, leave me a comment and we'll see what what we can figure out.

He estimates the value of the meat to be around $200. Donated by David aka Grandpa. Winner must be local to Cook County, IL or Western NY.

Baby Blanket. Hand-knit baby blanket. Can be finished with or without a hood. Very soft. Donated by Becky aka Nana.

Personalized 8x10 canvas. From sew artsy fartsy. Winner can pick quote, Bible verse, name, etc and color scheme. (Picture is just an example.)
You can also purchase anything from her page to help another orphan (Kenzie) home. Donated by Alison.

$50 Kroger Gift Card. Can also be used at Food 4 Less in Southern CA,,NV, IN, and IL only and at Tom Thumb Food Stores in AL and FL only. Also good at Baker's City Market, Dillons,Foods Co, Fred Meyer, Fry's Food and Drug, Gerbes, JayC, King Snoopers, Owen's, Pay Less Supermarkets, QFC, Ralph's, Smith Food and Drug, Turkey Hill minit Market,Kwik Shop, Loaf 'N Jug, Quick Stop (according to the back of the card). Donated by Beth.

Hair Clips. Hand-made hair clips. Donated by Jamie.

Hair Clips. Hand-made hair clips. Donated by Jamie.

Recipe Book From Becoming Proverbs 31 on how to make all you own household cleaners. In the book you will learn to clean you entire home, plus your laundry for under $40 a year! Donated by Melissa.

Hand-made Cards. A set of 8 Thank You cards with envelopes. Donated by Hilary.

Fruit tree. 1 free tree of winners choice (depending on availablity) plus shipping and handling in the US. We cannot ship to the states of California, Arizonia, Idaho or Washington. Trees are usually available from March until the end of May. (The tree can be claimed in 2013.)
Goodman Growers have celebrated their 4th year in business. They are a small family operated greenhouse nursery in Corfu, NY. They start all our plants from seed or farm grown cuttings. The fruit trees are Amish grown in Medina, NY. Check out their website! Donated by Trina.

Cinnamon Spice


Pink Lemonade

Independence Day

4 Necklace Sets. A long and a short necklace in a variety of colors. The true colors are much brighter. Check out their website (and another great cause)! Donated by Leah.

Portrait Session. A portrait session and edited disc with copyright release to a family in Panama City or Panama City Beach at the location of client's choosing. Services valued at $150. You can see her work on her facebook page. Donated by Robin. Winner must be local to Panama City/Panama City Beach, FL.

Ukrainian Doll. Winner will get 1 doll similar to the ones posted here. These dolls are hand made by Ukrainian women who have children with special needs. Mission to Ukraine has helped these women learn skills in order to earn money to provide for their children. Check out their great ministry! Donated by Jill.

Handmade Gingerbread Ornament. This was made by another amazing Reece's Rainbow mom who is adopting an adorable little boy. Donated by Christine.

Country Clock. Donated by Becky aka Nana.

Blanket sleeper. The size and color can be coordinated with the winner. This is just an example. Donated by Sarah.

Baby Fleece Blanket. Uses two layers of fleece - one yard each. Donated by Jen.

Fleece Burp Clothes. One set of 10 clothes for boy, girl, or unisex. Donated by Jen.

Weekend Get Away. A weekend get away near Traverse City, MI. (About 6 hours from Chicago.) Winner can choose a 3 day weekend in the Fall of 2012 to stay in a beautiful home. More information on the house and area can be found here. Donated by Lauren.

Weekend Get Away. 2 Night Stay at a beautiful condo in Panama City Beach, FL!
Rest Assure Rentals owns and manages two condo units in Panama City Beach, FL. They have donated a 2 Night Stay at one vacation rental condos. You can check them out at their Facebook page were you can see pictures and some information. You can see the condos here and here. Donated by Nancy.

Remember! If you want to bid, you need to go to the facebook page and put your bid in the comment section under the picture of the item you want.