Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Letters to My Daughter--World Down Syndrome Day

Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day. This year's theme is I Am Who I Am. Here is my letter to Sara about who she is.


I can't believe we've been home for two weeks. So many times, I felt like this would never happen. Now, it seems like you've been here all along.

I can honestly say that I'm in awe of you. I loved you long before I met you but I had no idea how wonderful you are. You really are amazing.

You are a charmer. People love you every where you go. We were in Walgreens long enough to pick up pictures today and they were all talking about you when we left. You say "hola" to everyone we meet. You can't leave with out a "bye," "ciao" and blowing a kiss. This week alone, you charmed the eye doctor, pediatrician, lab ladies, school staff, Anna, Lauren, and a random lady in Target.

You are a hard worker. You love to help. Today you helped me make the beds, clean the floor, and put away the groceries. I don't even ask you to help, you just like to. (I hope you carry this trait with you into your teenage years!)

You want to learn. If you see me do something once, you want to do it alone. I got you a little chair at Ikea. You watched me screw in one piece and then did the rest yourself. I cracked an egg for you this morning and you then did one perfectly! You are do clever and you are always trying to do new things. I can't wait to see what happens when you are in school!

You are so good about medical things. You willingly let me put eye drops in. You give yourself your allergy medicine. You were so good at the pediatrician, eye doctor, and lab. You tried to do everything asked of you. You even gave them your right arm after they took blood out of your left.

You are sweet and kind. You comfort people who are sad or hurt. You randomly stop playing to give me a kiss. You love to cuddle in my bed before we start our day. You love babies and like to pat and "sush" them.

I hope that, as you get older, people continue to see the real you. You are so much more than an extra chromosome. You are amazing! I am in awe of you!


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  1. This is wonderful - she will cherish it forever - when she learns to read!! I, too am amazed by her and can't wait to learn more about her when you two are here!
    Love you both!