Monday, March 25, 2013

NY with the Fam

While we've only been home a short time, I really felt like we needed to make a trip to NY so Sara could meet almost all of my immediate family.  (She will meet my sister next month.) I go back to work at the beginning of April and she starts school.  I have a feeling things will be pretty crazy until June.

When I book tickets, I always book the cheapest flight.  I always think that $20 is going to make or break my budget.  Here's Sara at 5:15 the morning we left.  I think she'd agree that a few more hours sleep is worth $20.

I asked to pre-board because everything just takes a little longer sometimes.  (Really.  Most of the time.)  As we were boarding, the copilot asked if she wanted to sit in the cockpit.  I warned here that Sara would probably turn some knobs and flip some levers.  She assured me that they had to check them all before we took off anyway.  (There isn't a picture of all the coaxing it took to get her out of that seat.)  

We stopped for lunch after my parents picked us up.  By the time we were done eating, the early wake up call was evident.  She slept from the restaurant to their house.

My brother brought his two girls over to meet Sara that evening.  She and Grace really weren't sure what to make of each other.  Grace wanted to chat with Sara and Sara was not interested.  If anything can bring two little girls together, it's an ipad.

Even Uncle Bryon is smitten with her.

On Saturday, we met up with Jason and Angie at a Zumbathon that another RR family was holding.  They are in the process of adopting a tiny little guy from Eastern Europe.  It was so nice to meet them (and even nicer to know that the fundraising/adopting phase of my life is over.)  

I loved seeing Claudia.  I almost miss the days when I saw her multiple times a week.  She is doing so well.  I love watching these girls grow and change.  I can't wait to see what the next few years hold for them.  (I can't believe this is the only picture I got of her.  Watching Zumba.)  

Sara was not content to watch Zumba.  She is watching the instructor here to figure out what she was supposed to be doing.  At other times, she was right out there dancing.  She's been using a lot more hip wiggle in her dancing since Saturday.  I'm not sure Zumba was a good influence on her.  

After an appearance at the fund raiser, we went to Bounce It Out.  Sara LOVED it.  I couldn't keep up with where she was. I felt like she was getting trampled by the bigger kids.  She was having so much fun; she didn't seem to notice.
 At one point, she was incredibly high in this huge contraption.  I didn't think I'd ever get her out but was able to talk her down.  (I had visions of having to climb all the way up there and bring my screaming daughter out.)  She's the pink dot up there.

She loves my parents two cats.  She's convinced they are dogs and will not be persuaded other wises.  Even as I type, she sitting on my lap saying "Wow-wow."  Good thing they've had years of being tortured by my brother and aren't bothered by her at all.

She also likes grandpa's chickens but from about 4 feet away and while holding mommy's hand.  It didn't help that the rooster went crazy when she walked in.  They are the perfect animal for her.  She can pretend she wants to touch them all she wants but they won't actually let her. She thinks she wants to pet them but she really doesn't.

Overall, I think her favorite part of the trip is her grandpa.  She LOVES him for sure.  She hasn't called him Santa, again.  She does call him Pa though.  

It has definitely been worth packing and traveling again.  She loves my family and I couldn't ask for more support and love from them.


  1. Looks like a great visit!! Can't wait until July!