Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life at Home

Life at home is going well.  I think it was such a blessing that we had two months together in Colombia before we transitioned to this whole new world here.  Sara is adjusting well.  She still has her moments of unpleasant behavior but those usually come when she is very tired and/or we are leaving an activity that she would not like to leave.  Over all, she goes with the flow.  She seems to be understanding some English and says "hi," "bye," and "cheese."  We're still using mostly Spanish.  We've been busy with school and doctor appointments.  We fly next week to meet the rest of my family in NY.  That might be a little overwhelming but they are all dying to meet her.   Here's a glimpse into Sara's "new" life.

Her favorite toy is definitely her baby doll.  She might "need" a stroller for baby soon.  She pushes her all over the house in her crib.

She's been to both the Children's Museum in Oak Lawn and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.  The children's museum was more her speed.  She could run around and play with whatever she wanted.

Nana flew in to meet us when we got home.  She seemed to remember her from the week we were all together in Bogota.  

The only movie she's really interested in so far is Tangled.  She has an appointment with the eye doctor on Monday.  Then I'll know if she needs to be that close to see or if I can start saying "back up from the tv" like every other parent in America.   

Macaroni and Cheese is definitely her favorite new food.  Some days, she barely eats.  Other days, she can't find enough food in the world.

She's a little overwhelmed when told she can pick her own snack or fruit.  I don't think she's ever seen the inside of a refrigerator before.

She LOVES watching her food be made.  She doesn't seem interested in helping yet but she definitely wants to watch.

She loved her McDonalds fries experience.  I'm not a huge fan of McDonalds so we haven't done the whole Happy Meal experience yet.  We stopped there once and now she asks every single time we drive by.

She definitely loves picking out her own clothes.  Right now, she's happy to pick out one piece (usually a skirt or shirt) and let me pick out the rest.  I can't convince her to wear sweatpants and a hoodie, even if we aren't going anywhere.  She's definitely a skirt girl.

Like I said before, we have our struggles and our not-so-pleasant moments but, overall, things are going wonderfully.  She so wants to learn and try new things.  She helped me put together an IKEA chair tonight.  You show her something once and she's got it.  I can't wait for her to get into school!  


  1. Love all the pics - haven't seen some of them. Told you to stay away from McDonalds!!! Love all her little outfits!
    Love you two!

  2. Yep it looks like a happy girl glad to have a forever family. Funny my daughter never would do a sweatpants or hoodie and still won't at age 10. Enjoy your time before going back to work. Things get so busy!

  3. Aww, Natalie, thank you so much for sharing this journey with us!! She is such a DOLL!! God bless you both!!!

    Love in Christ,
    Toni Estruch

  4. Natalie - I'm going to share your blog this morning - as you know, Sara has a huge fan base here in Maine ! She (and you) look so beautiful and happy! Much love!

  5. Aww she sounds like she is adusting perfectly. I had to laugh because she sounds just like a little girl in my house....gets cranky when she's tired, doesn't like leaving an activity she's enjoying, picks her own outfits, only eats every third day!

    Sounds like you're having the same exact struggles every mom around America is having!! Except probably in Spanish haha. Can't wait to see you two!!

  6. We are leading a VERY similar life right now! Baby dolls, cranky if we don't get enough sleep, Mac n' Cheese a favorite meal, love for McDonalds......we will need to get together soon! Funny how life changes isn't it? Enjoy the rest of your time off and your time in NY with your family.