Thursday, February 26, 2015

International Adoption Grants and Loans

Last Updated:  February 26, 2105.  Currently active grants are in green.  Outdated grants are in red.  

There are TONS of adoption grants out there. Go ahead, type it into Google and see what you come up with. The list can be overwhelming and, a lot of times, out-dated. This list will not be comprehensive by any means but I will try my best to have the most updated information.

I literally spent hours googling and came up with about 20 grants to apply for. Some I've heard from. Most I have not. But, in the end, I think the applications were definitely worth my time. They can be overwhelming at first but they all ask for similar information in slightly different formats.

General Tips:
1. Most of the grants require a completed home study before you can apply. Others require I800A or I600A Approval. A few require an official referral. Go ahead and fill out the applications and gather them ahead of time. That way, you can mail them in as soon as you have the approvals you need.

2. A lot of grants are reviewed quarterly. You may think that your adoption will be completed by the time the review date roles around. Apply anyway. You never know how long an international adoption will take.

3. Google. Try using the type of adoption--international or domestic. Try using your child's country or disability. Try using your religious affiliation. Try your geographic area. Don't give up! There are lots of grants out there if you can find them.

4.  Ask your agency what grants they recommend.  They may have agency-specific grants that you qualify for.

5.  Don't be discouraged by the grants you don't qualify for.  There will be lots (especially if you are single).  Focus on the ones you do.

Grants Applied for:

1. Affording Adoption.
UPDATE:  September 2014:  Affording Adoption is no longer giving out grants because of a lack of funds.
*Reviewed quarterly.
*Must have a referral.
*Most grants are $1,000.
I got an email thanking me for sending my application.
*Received a grant.

2. Beautiful Feet Global Outreach
UPDATE:  February 2015:  The grant fund is temporarily out of funds and applications are not being accepted.
*Must have USCIS approval.
*Big supporters of Reece's Rainbow.
*I heard from them but was already fully funded.  

3. Boatner Family Foundation - This organization is listed on almost every grant list. You are told to send a letter asking for an application. My letter came back to me.

4. CARE - Christian Adoption Resources and Encouragement, Inc.
UPDATE:  February 2015:  CARE is not currently accepting applications.  They are waiting to have their non profit status reinstated.
*Applications are accepted from May 1 to October 1. Funds are dispersed the first week in November.
*I had to email to get the application. The one online had a fee involved.
*You must have an adoption agency to apply for this grant.
*Received notification of receipt of application.
*Was offered a grant but was already fully funded.  

5. Child of the King
UPDATE:  February 2015:  Their link is no longer active.
*I received my application in the mail marked "return to sender" more than 2 months after I applied.

6. A Child Waits Foundation
*Starts with a short pre-application.
*I was denied based on my pre-application.

7. Gift of Adoption
*You can apply when you have an approved home study.
*Requires an official referral before decision is made. Monthly emails and updates are required until you have an official match.
*Received a grant.
*I heard from another family that they were denied because they didn't have 50% of the funds they needed before applying.  

8. Golden Dawn Adoption Assistance
*For LDS and other Christian families. Requires a letter from your minister.
*For families adopting children with special needs and other hard to place children.
*Applications reviewed quarterly.
*Was offered a grant but had already returned home from the adoption trip.  

9. International Adoption Resources
UPDATE:  September 2013 - The link to the application is no longer valid.
*I have not heard anything regarding my application.

10. Kids for Kyla
*Usually reviewed annually.
*Also give grants for fertility treatments.
*Priority given to applicants who do not have children.
*Must have a completed home study.
*I received an email that I am a finalist.  

11. National Adoption Foundation
*Reviewed quarterly.
*Need to have a homestudy in progress.
*I have not heard anything about my application.  Others have not gotten responses either.  

12. The OATH Ministry - Orphans Awaiting Their Homes
UPDATE:   February 2015:  They are not currently accepting applications.
*Must have a completed home study.
*I received a small grant.  

13. ONELess Ministries
*Requires a pastor questionnaire.
*I received an email asking for a status update.
*I informed them that I am fully funded and to please take my name out of the running.

14. Open Hearts for Orphans
UPDATE:  February 2015:  Open Hearts for Orphans has been folded into Bethany Christian Services and is no longer giving grants.
*Christian Families
*Chicago area only
*Received emails promptly.
*I received a grant from this organization after an interview.

15. Room for One More
UPDATE:  February 2015:  None of the links on this page currently work.
*Received an email confirming receipt of the application.

16. Saving Children, Building Families
*You must have a completed home study.
*I haven't heard anything regarding my application.

17. Show Hope
*A very long application but well worth it.
*Reviewed 6 times a year.
*Must have a completed home study.
*For Christian families
*SH is now working with the Tim Tebow Foundation to give one grant a month specifically to families adopting children with special needs.
*Received an email confirming receipt of the application.
*Received a grant.

*I heard from a family that was denied.  They said it was still worth it to apply because they got a large list of resources and ideas from SH.  

Other Grants: (Because I am a single woman, I found a lot of grants that I don't qualify for.)

1,  America's Christian Credit Union
*Must be a member of the ACCU.

2.  Both Hands
*Partners with Lifesong for Orphans but can be applied for separately.
* Families set up teams and get pledges to work on a widow's home.  The pledges go to the adopting family.
*Must have completed home study.
*Singles may apply.

3.  Brittany's Hope
*Must use an affiliated adoption agency.
*Must be a special needs, international adoption.
*The family must raise half of their grant amount.

4.  A Brother's Love
UPDATE:  February 2015 - The link is no longer valid.
*Must have a completed homestudy and a referral.
*Hague countries only.
*Singles may apply.
*Letter of reference from pastor is needed.

5. Caroline's Promise
UPDATE:  February 2015 - The link is no longer valid.
*Christian couples
*North and South Carolina only

6.  Elijah's Truth
*Qualified Christian adoptive families
*Approved by a licensed agency
*Adopting a minority infant or have a referral from another country
*Only in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota
*Must have completed home study

7. Families Outreach
*Christian, married couples with the endorsement of their pastor.
*Must have a completed home study.
*I have heard of a couple of families that received grants from them.

8.  God's Grace Adoption Ministry
*Matching grants.
*Married, Christian couples only.
*Income of $60,000 or less.

9. GRACE fund
UPDATE:  February 2015 - The link is no longer active.  
*Only for families adoption from Ethiopia.

10. Grace Haven Ministries
UPDATE:  February 2015 - The link to the application is no longer active. 
*Christian couples only.
*Must have approved home study.

11. Hand in Hand
*Christian couples only.
*Matching grants only.
*Requires you to send out support letters to friends and family.

12.  Heart of the Bride
*Must have a current homestudy.
*Must have an adoption agency.

13. Help Us Adopt
*Must have a completed home study.
*Grants are given twice a year--in June and December.

14. IBSEN Adoption Foundation
*Washington State Families only

15.  Jeremiah 29:11 Project
*Currently fundraising for future grant cycles.
*I have heard of a family that received a grant from them.

16. JSC Foundation
*Only offers grants to married couples. (Since I attempted to apply, they have made this clear on their website.)
*Strict guidelines regarding family size and previous adoptions.
*I have heard from several people who have received grants.  

17.  Kael Man
*You must have a completed home study.
*You must be using an agency.
*Requires a statement of faith.

18.  Katelyn's Fund
*Christian couples only.
*Must have an agency.
*Focus on families making under $100,000.
*Process involves an interview. 
*Another family I know got a "no" from this agency.

19.  Kyle Reagan Foundation 
*Indiana Residents
*Must be using an agency.
*Must have dossier in country.
*Requires a letter from a pastor or church leader.

20.  Lifesong for Orphans
*Matching grants only.
*2 parent Christian Families only.
*Must have a completed home study.
*Requires a letter from your pastor.

21.  Lost Stork Foundation
UPDATE:  February 2015:  The link is no longer active.  
*Heterosexual married couples.
*In July 2013, the website says the grant applications will open in Spring 2013.
*Must show financial need.

22. Love Has Come
*Must have completed home study and a referral.
*Must have a licensed agency.
*Priority given to Montana families but others may apply.  

23.  Lydia Fund
*Christian couples only.
*International adoptions only.
*Must have an agency.
*Homestudy and USCIS in process.
*Apply at least 3 months before travel.
*Another family I know got a "no" from this agency.

24.  The Orphan Foundation
*Must have a completed home study.
*10 grants of $500 given each year.
*The child must be in an orphanage or institutional foster care.
*Another family I know got no response from their application.

25.  Orphan Impact 
*UPDATE: February 2015:  The link is no longer active.  

26.  Parenthood for Me
*As of February 2015, the 2015 grant cycle had been postponed.  
*Grants for adoption and fertility treatments.  
*Approved home study.
*Available to private or agency adoptions.
*Must demonstrate financial need.

27. Perpetual Change
*UPDATE:  February 2015:  Their website is currently under construction. I'm not sure if they are currently offering grants or not. I could not find an application on their website.

28. Sacred Selections
*Must have completed home study.
*Couples only.
*Do not need to have an adoption agency.
*Must be "members of a conservative, noninstitutional, noninstrumental, church of Christ."

29. Sea of Faces Foundation
UPDATE:  February 2015:  They are no longer giving adoption grants.  
*Christian, married couples only
*Must have a referral from a developing country

Other Fund Raising Organizations:

1.  Abba Fund
*Christian Families only
*Can be used for home study costs.  

2. Adopt Together
*Allows you to post a family profile and receive tax-deductible donations.
*I had a profile with them and raised $49.
*Another family mentioned that they were given a small grant in addition to the money they received in donations.

3.  Connected Hearts Ministry
UPDATE:  February 2015 - The links to their family sponsorship program do not work.  
*Allows families to post profiles and receive tax-deductible donations.
*Completed home study and matched with a child.
*Older or Special Needs Children only.
*Must have an accredited agency.

*Allows you to post a profile and receive tax-deductible donations. 
*Child must have special needs.
*Funds released at travel.

Adoption Loans:
1.  Abba Fund
*Interest Free Loans
*Process takes 6 to 8 weeks.  
*Christian Familys only

2.  A Child Waits Foundation
*Must have a licensed agency.
*Covers only final payments when all other avenues have been exhausted.
*Low interest loan.
*$10,000 limit.

3.  America's Christian Credit Union
*Up to $50,000
*Also an Equity Loan Option
*Adotion Visa is also an option

4.  Hebrew Free Loan
*For the Jewish Community
*Up to $15,000

5.  National Adoption Foundation
*Up to $35,000.

6.  Oxford Adoption Foundation 
*$5,000 per child
*Only after adoption has been granted by the foreign country
*0% interest for the first 3 years

7.  Pathways for Little Feet
*Interest free loans
*Up to $7,500
*Monthly payment amount set by the family.  

I know that there are many, many more grant and loan organizations out there. If you've had experience with another one, please let me know. I'd like to keep this list as updated as possible.  


  1. What if you get all the ones you've applied for and haven't heard from yet?

    1. That won't happen. That's why you apply for so many. I applied in May and June. I don't think I'll hear if I haven' yet. At this point, I wouldn't take any more grant money. There are definitely people out there that need it far more than I do.

  2. Natalie, thank you so much for posting this! You are right about how overwhelming the grant search is. This list was current and so helpful! My husband Todd and I are trying to adopt two little guys from Uganda right now. Where did you adopt from?

    1. I am almost done with a Colombian adoption.

  3. Natalie, why did you think you did not qualify for Help Us Adopt? It says married couples or individuals. I am single as well. Good luck with your adoption and thank you so much for putting together this list! I knew about many of them, but you found a couple I did not know about.

  4. It was the timing with them. My home study wasnt complete for their June cut off and the December cycle was too close to my January travel date.

  5. Check out our Adoption Grants Pinterest board:

  6. For Older Child and Special Needs Adoptions, check out Connected Hearts Ministry:!grant-application/c18w4

  7. This is a great list, thanks! I emailed Caroline's Fund earlier this week and the response I received is that they do not have a grant program open at this time and have no immediate plans to reopen it due to lack of funding. Also, I agree with the Show Hope statement. It is a long application, but the resources they offered to us were wonderful! (We have been approved for a grant through them as well.)

  8. Thank you for this list. I have been SCOURING the internet, I can't tell you how many HOURS I have spent looking for grants. You had a few I had not come across. :)

  9. I am specifically looking for a grant to assist with the home study. It seems like they are several thousand dollars!