Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh, the possibilities....

Here is a message that I sent out to some good friends on facebook last week. Based on the (mostly) encouraging but realistic responses, I'm still pretty excited about the possibility. I have decided not to take any official steps until February 1st. I want to spend the next few weeks praying and seeking wise counsel. I'll keep you all updated on the progress. Who knows, maybe someday this will be my adoption blog. I realize that facebook probably isn’t the most appropriate place for this conversation but I don’t have email addresses for all of you so here it goes…. I am writing to you because I need some advice and opinions. For years now, I have said that I wouldn’t be upset if God decided to “bless” me with a child with Down Syndrome. Since I returned from Mexico, I have been toying with the idea of adopting a child with Down Syndrome. Up until this week, I hadn’t really looked into it seriously or tried to figure out if it was really feasible. It had always just kind of been a dream. After some research, I honestly think it’s something I want to do. I have taken some preliminary steps to get connected with a group called Reese’s Rainbow that helps place children with Down Syndrome with adoptive families and even raises funds to help with their adoptions. I know that a child would rock my world but I’m in a place in my life where I think it would be okay to be rocked. I have a stable job, a support system, a home, lots of experience with children and with disablities---everything a child with Down Syndrome would need to be successful. Sometimes, it seems like the most natural thing in the world; other times the idea overwhelms me and scares me to death. Before I go any further in this process, I want to get advice and opinions from the closest people in my life and from those with experience with adoption and single parenting. I really do want your honest opinions. If you think I’m crazy, please tell me. If you think I can’t handle it, please let me know. I really do want honesty. I appreciate anything you have to say and would covet your prayers as I seek the next step in my life.

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  1. i think you of anyone could handle it! You have worked with special needs long enough that you won't be terrified by unusual behanviors or want to back out when the going gets tough, C.A.S.E (Center for Adoption support and Education) may have some additional resources that you can make use of. I think holding off on decision making till Feb is a good idea, knowing in your heart that its not a whim decision but one made with thought and prayer, will give you the strenth to deal with issues both related to the special needs, as well to the adoption process and the emotional needs of all adopted children. Best of luck look forward to hearing updates! :)