Friday, July 27, 2012

The Process

For those of you who are wondering--here's the process I'm working through. I'll try to keep this list updated as I move through the steps.

1. Fill out applications for Reece's Rainbow, Adoption Agency and Home Study agency. - Done in February

2. Be matched on Reece's Rainbow with Sarita. - Done February 17th.

3. Complete homestudy. Sent downstate on May 7.

4. Homestudy goes to the state capital for approval. Received the official home study on May 19.

5. Homestudy and I800A Application go to Immigration and Homeland Security. USCIS paperwork mailed on May 21. Officially received on May 25th.

6. Begin to compile Dossier documents--including FBI clearance. - All ready on July 1st.

7. Homeland Security will send me an appointment for more fingerprints. Fingerprints done on June 7th.

8. Receive approval from Homeland Security and Immigration. Received July 27th!

9. Submit Dossier documents to her country. Sent on Aug 9th.

10. Receive approval from the country. Officially be matched with Sarita. Approved on Sept 22nd.

11. Be given a travel date and court date.  Traveled on January 12th.  Met Sara on January 14, 2013.  

12. Adopt Sarita in Colombia.  Finally official March 1, 2013.

13. Apply for a new birth certificate with her new last name.  Received March 2nd.  

14. Apply for her passport.  Applied March 4.  Received March 5.  

15. Apply for her US Visa.  Received March 6.

16. FLY HOME!  Arrived home March 7, 2013.  

A little bit crazy, very long, almost ridiculous. All will be worth it in the end.

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