Monday, July 2, 2012


So, I've mentioned this on facebook but I feel like I need an actual adoption update so here it is:

August travel is looking pretty impossible. I'm bummed because I was led to believe that it would be about 6 weeks from the time I submitted my dossier until I traveled. Now, all of a sudden, it's 3 months from submission to travel. There about 10 steps that I didn't know about. I'm not sure what happened but it's a little weird that Angie got the same news at the same time. USCIS has slowed down. (Welcome to summer!) Sara's country has also slowed down. This and the extra steps now have me praying that I'll be traveling in October.

Both Angie and I believe that God is still in this process. While I'm bummed that I won't be with my little girl for her birthday, I know God has a purpose in the delay.

I think one of the reasons for the delay is financial. I applied for about 8 grants. I have received "nos" from two of them. Another emailed to say my application was slated to be reviewed on June 30th and another will be reviewed on August 30th. I am hoping and praying that this delay allows at least one of the grants to come through so I won't have to take a loan.

From a work stand-point, it will be better if I'm around to get the school year started off on the right foot. At this point, I'm planning to be off for October and November. I had wanted to travel in August so I wouldn't have to take time off without pay. I have a meeting with the HR department tomorrow to figure out my leave. I have 5 weeks of sick time saved up. I'm hoping to take 4 weeks in addition to that. We'll see how the meeting goes tomorrow!

I'm still waiting for USCIS approval and my psych eval report. One of the "new" steps in the process is a whole packet of information about my little girl! I can't wait for that step. I NEED an updated picture!

So, while I wait, I'm holding an auction and knitting scarves like crazy (and even dog sitting)! There isn't anything I can do to speed up the US government or the Latin American government but I can knit and sell scarves!


  1. aw best of luck hun. Like you said, God has a reason!


  2. You are entitled to "maternity leave" when you are adopting. I am so said because I would have been able to fly to Colombia to be with you for part of the time since George & Rob will be at camp for a week. In Oct., they'll both be home, going to school. Dad MIGHT let me fly down if I find respite for George.

    1. I'm entitled to 12 weeks but I only get paid for the sick time I have. I want them to take the 4 weeks unpaid time off my salary before the year starts so I don't have to miss pay checks.