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April Give Away Items

OK. I am changing this up a little bit. For the month of April, I will post all the items I have at once. All entries in April will go to one of these items. At the end of the month, I will use all the entries to choose winners for each item. I appreciate all of those who have donated items, reposted the Give Away, and purchased chances. This adoption wouldn't be possible without ALL of you! (Check back during the month as I may be adding more items.)

Item 1: Hand Made Cards from Karin

Karin has donated 10 single birthday cards. Each sells for $3.50.

Birthday card reads, "Wishing you a fan{tache}tic birthday" with a cut out mustache on the front. This single sided flat note card is 5.47" x 4.21", blank on the opposite side, and comes with a teal envelope.

Check our Karin's Etsy link!

Item 2: Hand Made Cards from Kristina

A set of 10 home made birthday cards with envelopes. These were donated by Kristina--a regular supporter of Reece's Rainbow. They were hand made by her sister Jeannie. They retail at $25.

Item 3: A Hand Knit Blanket from Mom

A hand knit blanket in green, yellow, blue and purple. About 6 feet by 3 feet. Very warm.

Item 4: A Hand Knit Blanket from Nana
I am Natalie's Mom, Rebecca Keller & Sara Rebecca's Nana.

This afghan is 36"x48" & is thick, since it is made with 4 strands of yarn.

The Goudzwaards have been great friends for years. They are very excited about Sara coming home. I plan to use their daughters are babysitters and Sara will learn to swim in their pool. They are donating three blankets.

Item 5: A Fleece Blanket from the Goudzwaard Girls
This is a a double fleece blanket. This one is pink and white checked with a pink back. It is the perfect size for a baby.

Item 6: A Knit Blanket from the Goudzwaard Girls
This is a hand knit blanket. It is a very soft yarn and is light blue and pink.

Item 7: A Fleece Blanket from the Goudzwaard Girls
This a double fleece blanket. This orange one has animals and multi-colored polka dots on it with an orange back. It is the perfect size for a baby.

Item 8: A Child's Apron from Christina
Child's Apron. Size Medium/Large.

Item 9: A Child's Apron from Christina
Child's Apron. Size Medium/Large.

Christina has been an advocate and fundraiser for Reece's Rainbow since 2010. Her facebook page sells items to benefit Reece's Rainbow.

From Christina:
My youngest son, Kellan, was born in October 2009 with DS, and somewhere along the line I came across RR. The children stole my heart, and it's true, once your eyes are opened, you cannot pretend not to know. I love these kids and I'll do anything to help them home!!

Item 10: Hand Made Jewelry from Molly

The winner can choose one of the necklaces below.

From Molly:
NoBeadLeftBehind was started about a year ago by my friend Amy and I. Amy is a special needs teacher and I am a Spanish teacher. We started this side business as a place to channel our creativity and as a means to donate to some organizations that we believe in (Love 146, and Water for Africa) We are able to raise awareness and give people another reason to feel good in our jewelry. We think what Natalie is doing is amazing and we are happy to help support her and Sarah. If you wouldn't mind please like us on our facebook page to help spread the word!

Be sure to check out the rest of their jewelry on their blog.

Item 11: Target Gift Card from Amanda
$25 Target Gift Card donated by Amanda - a supporter of Reece's Rainbow.

Item 12: A Mural from Becca

Sara... This is How I Met Your Mother
I had the distinct pleasure of being introduced to Natalie Keller through a mutual friend and co-worker two years ago, in the infancy of my special education experience at Elim Christian School. I then student taught in the room across the hall from Natalie's room. I got to know Natalie better through this experience, as well as attending the same church as Natalie. I have witnessed Natalie going through the process of an international adoption of a daughter with special needs over the past few months. I feel passionate about supporting Natalie and her new family in any way that I can, and as I have very little money to give, I thought that I could donate my time and gifts.

If you would like your child's room or nursery painted, we would love to be a part of your design experience!

We are open to any style or aesthetic, and would love to work to make your home an even more beautiful place to live in.

Item 13: Legos from Nana

This is a 214 piece Fire Truck "City" Lego set for 5-12 yr. olds.

I am Rebecca Keller - Sara Rebecca's Nana & Natalie's Mom. I am so proud of Natalie & can't wait to hug Sara!

Item 14: Spa Coupon from Kim

Kim, a member of my small group, has donated Spa Coupon for Hidden Spa, in Burr Ridge, IL. The Nail Package includes a Spa Manicure, Spa Pedicure, Moisturizing Paraffin Treatment, and No-Chip Polish Sealer. The coupon expires in 3 months.

Item 15: Massage Certificate from Bonnie
Bonnie is the mother of one of my former students. She runs the massage clinic at Moraine Valley. She has donated a gift certificate for a 50 minute massage. The certificate is good for a year.

Item 16: A Bird Feeder from Jaime and Dionne
Dionne has been a co-worker of mine for longer than either of us care to remember. Somewhere along the line, she became a good friend. Her husband Jaime made this bird house.

Item 17: A Hand Knit Baby Hat from Aunt Rachelle

I will be Sara's Great Aunt Rachelle. I can't wait to see Natalie become a mommy. Sara Rebecca is one lucky little girl to come into the Keller family!

Items 18 and 19: Home Made Bread from Kate

2 loaves of banana and/or pumpkin bread. The winner can choose the combination. There will be two prizes given - so 4 loaves total for 2 winners.

Delicious homemade banana or pumpkin bread made from scratch! Sweet, moist and delicious! Loaves can be shipped anywhere in the country. They will be sufficiently wrapped in saran wrap and tin foil to ensure freshness. Bread will be shipped within a week of the drawing.

Kate is a fellow teacher at Elim with Natalie. She has known Natalie since she student taught there 4 years ago. Kate is a mother of two boys who also lives in Midlothian. She can't wait for play dates for Sara and the boys together! Kate and her husband Tim are so excited for Natalie, as adoption is something they see for their future as well. But perhaps most exciting is that Kate finally has a "pink one" soon to be in her life!

Item 20: $25 itunes Gift Card from Olga
Olga is a co-worker. (Don't I work with amazing people?)

Item 21: A Coffee Basket from Furnace Hills Coffee Company

This basket was donated by Furnace Hills Coffee Company. Please go check out their website. They created the coffee company specifically to hire adults with disabilities. They are also selling a special "Sara's blend" of coffee right now to help bring Sara home.

The coffee is a $42 value and the basket is a $25 value. So the entire item is a $67 value. There is everything from milder roasted coffees to darker roasts in the basket.

Here's how it works:
1. You can donate for a chance to win.
$2 = One Chance
$5 = Three Chances
$10 = Seven Chances
$25 = Twenty Chances
$50 = Forty Five Chances

2. You can also earn a chance to win without making a purchase.
Post the link to the current item on your facebook + Leave me a comment telling me you did = One chance
Post the link to the current item on your blog + Leave me the link to the post on your blog = One Chance

3. Donate using the Chip-In box on the right. These donations go directly to me to pay my program fee. If you prefer, you can donate directly on Reece's Rainbow's website using this link. If you do that, leave me a comment with your name and donation amount. (All donations made through Reece's Rainbow are tax deductible.) Make sure you give your first and last name so I can easily identify the winner.

If you have questions, check out the rules and regulations.


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