Sunday, May 6, 2012

I got to meet Henry!

Today, I got to meet Henry (and his mom). Henry was adopted last year from Reece's Rainbow. His mom and I are facebook friends and we've been following each other's blogs. I met up with him and his mom at Cracker Barrel for lunch.

It was so nice to chat with someone who understands things like:

*Just waiting for the final homestudy approval from DCFS....

*My I-800A is ready and waiting...

*My Dossier is almost done....

*I have no idea where I'm going to get the rest of the money I need....

*I've done a Give Away and now I'm doing a Puzzle Fundraiser....

And someone who can answer questions like:

*Why not adopt domestically?

*Why a child with special needs?

*How can you afford this?

*How can you be so in love with someone you've never met?

There are some other RR moms in the area. Sadly, they couldn't make it today but I look forward to getting together with the whole group---and introducing them to Sara!


  1. Glad you're connecting with other Moms!

  2. Great meeting you! Can't wait to meet your sweet girl when she gets home!

    And Mom, you raised an awesome woman! Nice job!

    Carla - Henry's mom

  3. What a sweetie! It sounds like we're about at the same place in the process you are...although Canada is a slightly different process. we're done with our home study and Dossier next week. I'll be glad to be onto the next phase!
    p.s I get asked those same questions!! If I were to give you my quick answers it would be something like...
    I am
    Why not?
    I can't
    I have no idea