Sunday, July 22, 2012

Ways You Can Help

Updated 12/7/2012:

The fundraising portion of this journey has come to an end.  I am still knitting to raise some extra money and always willing to take on little jobs to earn a little extra.

1. Prayer. This process is far more emotionally and financially draining they I could ever imagine. Please pray that I will handle tricky situations with grace and that I will wait patiently for God's timing. Also, please pray for Sara. I don't think she has any idea that her entire world is about to change.

2. I am available for babysitting, tutoring, anything to earn a little extra money. I'm contributing as much as I can and am more than willing to work to bring my child home! As of this week, dog sitting has been added to that list.

3. Current fundraisers:

*Scarves for Sara. I am selling Sashay scarves on facebook and my blog.

*Skirts for Sara. I am making and selling Starbella skirts/tutus.

*Tax-deductible donations can be made at Reece's Rainbow. This money will be released to the adoption agency when I have a travel date. It will help cover travel and in-country expenses. These donations are also tax-deductible.


  1. I tried to find Sara's blend on the Furnace Hills website and I can't find it. Help!!

  2. Click on the link that says Contact Us. You can fill out that form or call the number. I'm sure he'll get back to you really quickly either way--especially if you tell him who you are!

  3. Love you, Natalie. Wish I could help you more! Scheduled the shower for Sun., June 10!