Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Auction Coming Soon!

Remember when I was yelling for Seraphina?  Well, her mommy found her!

I first saw Seraphina's file and picture the day I went to the courthouse to sign the adoption decree---the first time!  It was a horrible day and my facilitator tried to cheer me up by showing me pictures of cute children.  It worked and I fell in love with Seraphina.  I came home and started showing her picture to everyone that said they loved Sara.  I told them they could have their very own "Sara."

A couple of weeks ago, her mom found her.  Her mom was in the process of adopting from Russia when it abruptly halted all US adoptions.  I was already in love with Seraphina.  When I found out that her mommy was a single mom (Sarah) who has already had her heart broken in the adoption process, I knew I had to help in any way possible.  (You can check out her blog to follow her process.)

So, I am hosting an auction for Seraphina and her new mommy.  I loved the organizing/detail part of fund raising.  Sarah and I are both seeking donations for her auction.  We will take anything you want to donate---baked goods, gift cards, home made items, services you provide, kids clothes.  Pretty much anything that can be shipped.  Be creative!   If you would like to donate an item or a service, please leave a comment.  I'm hoping to start the auction on Mother's Day.  (Mother's Day stinks for childless women!  I'm sure this will be a hard one for Sarah.)  

If you want to make a tax-deductible donation to Seraphina and her mom, you can do so on her Reece's Rainbow page.

The auction can be found on facebook at the Auction to Bring Seraphina Home page.


  1. Yes you are right that Mother's day stinks for chlidless woman =) Happy first Mother's day

  2. Hi! I am thinking about donating this to Sarah's auction - what do you think? http://www.etsy.com/listing/126524406/seafoam-chalcedony-faceted-briolette?ref=shop_home_active

    1. I love it!!! And I love that it has a starfish. I'll post it tonight.