Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blessed to Know the Dobrovits Family

Carla and her son Henry were the first Reece's Rainbow people that I met in real life.  I had lunch with them in May of 2012 when I was still very new to the adoption whole process.  It was such a blessing to meet someone who knew what I was going through and was such a huge encouragement to me.

I continued to stay in touch with Carla as I worked through my process.  She came to a fund raiser for work.  She put together an Illinois Reece's Rainbow photo shoot.  She became my personal notary and helped keep me sane during the longest year of my life.

In November, her dear Henry passed away from complications related to a surgery he had.  I was devastated.  This little boy was just beginning to experience life in a family.  Life the way it was supposed to be!  In his short life, Henry greatly impacted so many people.  There were several people at work that had connections to Carla and Henry that mourned along with the family.  I was shocked how famous the little guy was!

A couple of weeks ago, Sara and I met with Carla and her girls for a play date.  She shared some amazing news with me and I've been waiting very impatiently for it to become official so I could be publicly excited for them.  Carla and her husband are adopting again!  They can never replace Henry but they have so much to offer to a child that has nothing---except they aren't adopting one child!  They are adopting a sibling group of 3!!!!  I am so excited to walk through this process with them and help anyway I can.  I'm even more excited to get to know these kids and watch them thrive in their new, amazing family!

The Dobrovits family is going to need help.  Their adoption of Henry was less than 2 years ago.  They incurred huge medical costs with all of Henry's surgeries and hospitalizations.  Funerals are not cheap.  Carla wouldn't mention the money she has spent in the last year but it would drain anyone's savings and resources.  Even if you can't help financially, you can go over to their blog and leave them an encouraging message and pray for this great family and their new children!

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