Monday, April 8, 2013

Letters to My Daughter - One Month Home


When I started writing these letters to you, I addressed them to Mija. I don't think I've ever called you that.  You know now that your name is Sara but I still prefer to call you Sarita.  (It doesn't sound pretty in English,though, so I introduce you as Sara.)  Most of the time, I call you Bug---as in Love Bug.  You seem to know that I'm talking to you but I'm sure you don't know why I call you that.

It's hard to believe that we've only been home for a month. There have been so many firsts and so many changes. You have done so well.  I saw everything catch up with you at the end of last week but you're usually pretty flexible.
*You took your first plane ride a month ago.  I was amazed at how well you did.

*You have met soooo many people.  You love people but you always come back and check in with me when someone else is around.  I love that you want me around!

*You started school.  I've seen so many changes in you in just the first week.  You are talking so much more---too bad it isn't English or Spanish.  (I think that you are convinced you are speaking this gibberish language that you keep hearing here.)  You LOVE school and always want to go.  You're so proud to get your backpack in the morning.

*You started hanging out at Kate's house.  (Sadly, I had to go back to work.)  You love her cats--even though you insist they are dogs.  You are so tired from all the fun by the time I pick you up.  Unfortunately, you tend to be a little crabby in the afternoons when we get home.  It makes me long for the weekends and summer vacation.

*You flew to NY to meet your grandpa, uncles, aunt, and cousins.  You loved it there.  Grandpa is smitten with you.  You got to see Claudia again and seemed to recognize her.  Nana loves to spoil you.  Their friends were all so excited to meet you.

*You started going to church.  You love any excuse to get dressed up.  I love peaking in on you at the end of the service and seeing you hanging out with the other kids and doing exactly what they are doing.

*You went to lots of doctors appointments.  You're a trooper with things like eye exams and blood draws.  I've been inundating you with eye drops.  You were ok with them at first but I think they've gotten kind of old.

*You had your first McDonalds fries.  You're sold.  We haven't done the whole Happy Meal thing yet.  I hate McDonalds so I don't want you to be too addicted.  

I've seen so many changes in you.
*You are talking a lot.  It's not always understandable but you are trying so hard.  You will repeat sounds and words now which you wouldn't do before.

*I haven't measured you since we went to the pediatrician but I'm convinced you are taller.  You've outgrown almost all of your 2T clothes.

*You are maturing so quickly.  You will hold my hand and walk with me now.  (This is huge!)  You will come back when I call you and follow directions.  You aren't as impulsive.

*You aren't biting any more.  Sometimes, if you are really frustrated, you will open your mouth and glare at me but you haven't actually bitten in weeks.  (Don't make a liar out of me, please!)  You now growl instead of hitting when you are frustrated.

*You aren't napping during the week.  This isn't really your choice but it helps you get to bed earlier which helps you get up in the morning.  You are not a morning person.  Neither am I.  We survive.

*You love to dance now.  I couldn't get you to do it in Colombia.  Now, you yell "baila" and throw your hips around any time you hear music.  Any time.

I know it sounds cliche but I really am more in love with you every day.  I just grin and hug you countless times a day because I just can't believe that you are here.  With me!  You are funny, sweet, caring, hard working, determined, smart, sassy, goofy and I am in awe of you.  I can't believe how blessed I am.

I can't wait to see what the next month holds!

Tu Mama
(Someday soon you'll master the M sound and I can stop being Papa.)  

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  1. Beautiful & amazing! These pictures make me smile whenever I look at them!