Monday, April 22, 2013

Sara Met Tia

My sister flew in for a quick visit this weekend.  She was the last of the immediate family to meet Sara.  I knew they would love each other!

I had a hard time getting Sara to go to bed after we picked Tia up from the airport.  

On Saturday morning, we got all dressed up for a wedding and then went to pick up Sara's new glasses. 
Silly Tia!

Waiting at the eye doctor.

So cute!

Not quite the reaction I was hoping for but we'll keep working on it.  

Then it was off to lunch on the way downstate for a wedding.  

Someone had the wrong time and the wrong address for the wedding.  We ended up being VERY early so we went to the McDonalds playland to burn some energy before the wedding. 

Sara is in the pink.  
This scene made me very nervous.  I was afraid they were picking on her or something.  (I may be hypersensitive.)  When the kids finally came down, they were all talking about the little girl that doesn't speak English and how cool that was.  Big mommy sigh.  Sara really does charm people everywhere we go.  

She did a pretty good job during the ceremony.  She loved watching the bride walk in.  It was pretty short so she was able to sit pretty well.  

She LOVED the reception.  There aren't any good pictures because she never stopped moving.  She is definitely a dancer!  She's not shy and has no problem dragging random strangers onto the dance floor.  (Yes.  We need to work on stranger danger and social boundaries.)  She had some crabby moments---usually when I had to get her off the dance floor for things like the bride and groom's first dance.  Overall, she was great and had a blast!

She even got in a dance with the bride and groom.  

Janelle and I had some fun with her this weekend.  Every time she said "Tia" Janelle responded and I ignored her.  It frustrated her a little bit sometimes but she hasn't really called me Tia since then.  She seems to have settled firmly on "Papa."  She can say "Mama" now but thinks Papa is much funnier.  

She was not happy when we took Tia to the train station on Sunday.  We'll get to spend a whole week with her in July!  


  1. She is a truly adorable child!

  2. Wish I could have been there - looks like you guys had lots of fun!!