Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Meet Lene

How adorable is this child?  I love her little pig tails.  She's not even 3 yet!!!  I hope she doesn't wait much longer for a family.  She has some health concerns that should probably be addressed soon.

Here is the description of her on her Reece's Rainbow page:

Lene (pronounced like Renee)
Girl, born August 2010
Down syndrome, congenital heart disease, language delay
What a doll baby!  Love her little pigtails!
Lene responds to expressions of affection from other persons. She can adapt to any social environment.
As of February 2012, her report said that the she attends therapy 3 times a week.

I love that she can adapt to any social environment.  That will make her transition to a home so much easier.  She is just 2 years old---the perfect age to join a family.  She's already benefiting from some therapy and would probably thrive with some Early Intervention Services.  I look at where Sara is developmentally and I wonder how she would be doing if she'd been adopted sooner.  
She would be an amazing addition to a family.  If you've followed the blog and thought, I could do that or I want to do that or I'd like to help someone else do that, now is your chance.  

*Lene has $3148.50 in her grant currently.  She had a great person working to raise money for her grant a Christmas time.  What a great start for her future family!    If her grant gets to $5,000, she can move onto a page of children with large grants and get some more exposure.  If you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can do so here.  
*If you order something during the month of March from my Scarves and Skirts for Sara page, you can choose for 50% of the sale price to go to Lene's grant.  
*If you are interested in adopting Lene, or another child with special needs, you can find out more at Reece's Rainbow New Family Info page.    The specific requirements to adopt Lene's country are:
  • Single women or married couples, age 25-55
  • Couples must be married 2 1/2 years
  • Both parents, one trip of 4 weeks
  • After the adoption finalization and new birth certificate, one parent can go home early (about 2.5-3 weeks); one parent remains for final visa exit interview and new passport
  • Approx 9-12 months from dossier submission to travel
  • No set restriction on family size
  • Parents with mild mental health history may be considered on a case by case basis
  • Two unrelated children in the same orphanage can be adopted together
  • The agency seeks Christian adoptive parents
  • Total cost approx $27,000 (additional child, add about $5000)
(She is in Latin America but not in the same country that Sara was in.) 

Don't you just want to pick her up?  


  1. Natalie -

    You don't know me, but somehow I picked up on your blog several months ago, not sure how, but I did. My family and I are in the process of adopting a precious little girl from China. We had been in process to adopt a beautiful little girl from Hong Kong last summer when she suddenly passed away on June 25th. My heart was torn in two. In July, I was presented with Miss Lene. We prayed over her for our family, but felt God was not calling us to her. However, he was calling us to transfer our precious Mali's donated money to Miss Lene. So we did and we continue to pray for her forever family to find her.

    Anytime I find her featured anywhere off of Reece's Rainbow, my heart is overwhelmingly stirred with appreciation for those doing good on her account. Thank-you for promoting this sweet angel. We pray God brings a loving home her way soon.

    You and many others can follow our journey at http://ourmaliflower.com/. God bless!

    Heather Batchelder

    1. Heather,

      I had talked to Lene's Christmas Warrior and neither of us knew where the rest of her fund came from. I love the LA kids and feel like they don't get a lot of PR on RR. I always get very excited when I see someone else that loves them, too. I love little Miss Lene. I can't wait to see her in a family!


  2. Having seen this baby's file and knowing what I know about her current living conditions, I pray a family comes for her quickly. How my heart wishes it could have been us! I still love that sweet little face and those precious outstretched arms! We pray daily for this angel girl! Thank-you, again. I love following you and your sweet little girl. We pray for you too!