Thursday, February 21, 2013

No words

Where to start? I got up really early this morning and left Sara for the first time so I could go sign the adoption decree. I really didn't like either of those things.

I chatted with my facilitator on the way to the court house. She said she thought we could get the sentencia, birth certificates and passport application done today and we could be home on Tuesday. I was on top of the world.

When we arrived, the lawyer told us there was a mistake. The paperwork says I'm Swedish. She assured us it wasn't a big deal. It could be fixed quickly.

EXCEPT the very cranky secretary insisted she didn't have time to fix it today. (It was her mistake!!!!!). She says she will fix it when she gets a chance. So, until this lady feels like fixing her typo, there is nothing we can do but wait.

Waiting isn't the end of the world. I hate that I knew when I would he home and now it's all up in the air again. We all know I hate the unknown. It will probably just be one extra day. It's just frustrating to me that my future is in this very uncaring woman's hands. It's expensive to stay here even one more night. And, I really want to go home!!!

After we left the court house, we walked around the historic district. I was glad to get to see some more of Bogota. I saw the president's house and lots of old, beautiful buildings. It was nice to walk around and chat but our spirits were definitely dampened. (I even got to see some of the red light district in action on my cab ride back.)

I got back to the hotel and was greeted at the gate by my girl with lots of hugs and kisses. She makes all the struggles and waiting and frustration worth it.


  1. Hang in there, Natalie - you have had an EXTRA long labor; but a labor of love!!

  2. I don't know you but I am friends with Susan on FB and we adopted our daughter with DS in November 2011 from Cali, Colombia. She just turned 2. I am loving keeping up with you and I hope that you get home soon!