Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Fairy Godmother

Over the 5 years that I've known about Reece's Rainbow, I've done some advocating and fund raising for some of the kids from Latin America.  I haven't done nearly as much as some people but I've been pulled towards certain kids sometimes.  I sell Avon and hand knit items year round to help waiting children and adopting families.

Some of the kids I've advocated for are home---Mark.  Some are still waiting ---JamesPhillipVaughn.  Some are stuck in a country that isn't processing US families right now --- KimberleyLene.  One passed away before she got the chance to know the love of a family --- Monet.  One I will get to meet this summer --- Josie/Seraphina!

And then, there is the one who is being adopted by a childhood/high school friend of mine.  The one who will live less than an hour from me  The one I will be able to greet at the airport.  And spoil on his first birthday with a family.  The one I will get to watch grow and thrive.  Then there is  --- TJ/Andre.

And, guess, what?  I have the right to do all of those things because I am officially his Godmother.  Because every former orphan deserves one more person to spoil him and love him and pour into his little life.

His new family crashed Sara's dance class yesterday to officially ask us to forever be in his life.  I'm so honored and touched.  (Although I was very confused at the time.)  You can watch the video here:

If you want to help this amazing family financially, you can purchase Avon, buy some hand knit items, make a tax-deductible donation through Reece's Rainbow or make a donation directly to the family to help with upfront costs.  You can also order 31 or buy some great World Down Syndrome Day Shirts.  (Or this style shirt.)

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