Monday, July 1, 2013

Meet James

I wish so much that there was an updated picture of James.  He's so tiny in this picture.  He's 2 now so I imagine he has grown some.  Probably not a lot, though.  Sara wasn't really growing at all before she came home.  

Here is the description of him on his Reece's Rainbow page:

Boy, Born May 2011
Sweet baby James!   Healthy besides his Down syndrome, and waiting for his forever family.  Full medical and social history available.

Not really a whole lot there.  It's probably one of the shortest descriptions that I've seen.  I was hoping to meet him when I was in his country but that just didn't happen.  I do know that he has had some respiratory issues and has been in and out of the hospital.  This poor little guy needs a family!  He's so young.  I hope he doesn't have to spend another birthday without a momma!  
If you've followed the blog and thought, I could do that or I want to do that or I'd like to help someone else do that, now is your chance.  
*James has $5,291.52 in his grant currently.  This is a great start but his future family will need a lot more than that!!!  If you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can do so here.
*If you order something during the month of July from my Scarves and Skirts for Sara page, you can choose for 50% of the sale price to go to James' grant.   (More detailed information about the Scarves and Skirts can be found on the blog.)
*If you are interested in adopting James, or another child with special needs, you can find out more at Reece's Rainbow New Family Info page.    The specific requirements to adopt James' country are:  (He is also in Latin America.) 
  • Single heterosexual parents may adopt
  • No family size restrictions
  • Both parents must travel to the country and stay until completion of adoption — approx 5-7 weeks (one parent may leave after a week or two)
  • Estimated total cost $21,000-24,500

Join me in praying that James will experience the love of a family before he celebrates another birthday!

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  1. He is beautiful! I can never figure out where the babies are from... where is James from? I see Latin America but not sure what country. Thanks!