Thursday, January 5, 2017

Temperature Blanket

Someone shared the idea of a temperature blanket on my facebook today.  The idea is to knit one row each day based on the high temperature of the day where you live.  I loved it---especially living in Western New York where we  have 4 distinct seasons.  I don't crochet and couldn't find a knit pattern so I decided to create my own.

The first step was to choose colors and set up a scale.  I went with Red Heart Super Saver yarn.  I knew the blanket would require a lot of yarn and I wanted something reasonably priced and easily accessible.  You can choose the colors that you like together.  I chose to do temperatures in groups of 10 degrees based on the temps we have here.  You may need to vary this depending on where you live.  

Make sure you set up some kind of system to record the daily temperatures and keep track of what days you have actually knit.  Let's be honest.  You are not going to knit every day this year.  With a good system, you can fall a bit behind and still catch up.   ( can show you the recorded temperatures for each day of the year.) 

The next step is to choose a pattern.  I'm making this blanket for a dear friend and I love the pattern.  It's really easy and I love the way it scallops.  

Here's the pattern as I modified it for this project:  

Using size 10 needles and the color for day 1, cast on 261 stitches.  (Or a number in multiples of 13 plus 1)

Row 1:  Using Day 2 color,  (RS) *K1, YO, K4, K2tog, sl 1, K1, psso, K4, YO; rep from * last st, K1
Row 2:  Using Day 3 color, K1, P to last st, K1. 

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 while changing colors for the temperature. for 363 rows.  Bind off in the temperature for the 365th day.  

You can use whatever size needles are comfortable for you with the weight of yarn you chose.  I'm using size 10 now.  

*Some suggest crocheting an edge around the entire blanket.  
*Other patterns suggest adding a white stripe in between months.  
*I thought about doing 7 row squares of knit 7, purl 7 to show the weeks of the year.  

Here are my first 4 days.  I have two colors so far.  (Today was brutally cold.  I'll be adding another color tomorrow.)  I'll try to remember to post an updated picture once a month.'

I ended up pulling it out and switching to smaller needles.  I think it was going to be way too big and the stithes were too lose to see the pattern.  I'm up to 4 colors already!  

If you have any questions or other ideas for modifications, leave me a comment and let me know!  You can follow this and other projects on my knitting page.  

Happy knitting in 2017!

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