Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meet Mark

Mark's picture breaks my heart every time.  He looks so sad in that first picture.  His updated picture makes him look older but not any happier.  

Here is the description of him on his Reece's Rainbow page:

Boy, Born August 2006
UPDATE December 2012:   It has been determined that sweet Mark is also battling leukemia.  We are waiting for additional medical testing and details, but PLEASE pray for him and help us find his forever family!  THANK GOD for a new photo, he has grown so much!   Trying to get his new photo in a larger size, but SO glad to finally have one!   Mark is up and walking and doing SO well!   Updated info coming soon!
609-02 This gentle boy has smooth, baby soft skin. He has dark skin and dark hair, potentially from an African/black parent. He is just darling, with a round chubby face. He was born on 8/2006. He enjoys playing with toys and with other children. His legs are rather weak so he scoots around quickly to reach his destination. He smiles brightly when he is spoken to. He waits for his loving family because he has Down syndrome. His family will be so lucky to be able to help this angel reach his fullest potential!
Yes.  You read that right.  He has Leukemia.  He is battling Leukemia without the love of a mom.   No one should go through that without a mom to hold their hand.  This poor little guy needs a family to help him fight for his life.  
I'm not naive.  I know that it would take a very special family to pursue the adoption of a child with Leukemia.   I also know that there are parents out there that would take on this challenge.   Mark has been listed for so long.  I pray daily that he finds a family before it's too late.  
If you've followed the blog and thought, I could do that or I want to do that or I'd like to help someone else do that, now is your chance.  
*Mark has $10,523.40 in her grant currently.  This is almost half of the cost of his adoption!!!  If you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can do so here.  
*If you order something during the month of June from my Scarves and Skirts for Sara page, you can choose for 50% of the sale price to go to Mark's grant.  
*If you are interested in adopting Mark, or another child with special needs, you can find out more at Reece's Rainbow New Family Info page.    The specific requirements to adopt Mark's country are:  (He is also in Latin America.) 
  • Single heterosexual parents may adopt
  • No family size restrictions
  • Both parents must travel to the country and stay until completion of adoption — approx 5-7 weeks (one parent may leave after a week or two)
  • Estimated total cost $21,000-24,500

Join me in praying that Mark will experience the love of a family before it's too late!

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  1. I think he found a family! http://www.youcaring.com/adoption-fundraiser/bring-mark-home-/66460 YIPPEEEE!!!! :D