Thursday, August 16, 2012

Almost There....Financially...

I've been waiting for about a week for an email from the adoption agency. I thought that I was getting really close to being "fully funded." (These are magic words in the Reece's Rainbow community.) Today, I finally got the email that confirmed what I thought--I am getting close! There is no real set-in-stone number because no one really knows for sure how long I'll be in country and how much flights will cost, etc. But, I am pleased to announce that I am only about $5,000 short! (This is a conservative estimate but I'm pretty good at traveling cheaply.)

While that might sound like a huge number to you, it's not to me at this point. I started out owing about $30,000. I have paid about a third of that from my savings and summer school pay. The other half has come from my very generous supporters! I am more grateful to all of you than I will ever be able to express.

*I currently have several fundraisers going on. I'm hoping that these will be successful. I'm also hoping to hold one more auction in September.

*I have applied for about 20 different grants. I am working right now to set up an interview for one of them. If I hear from one or two grants, I will be all set.

So, with some successful fundraisers and some grants, I could be ready to go get my little girl as soon as I get a date! What a weight of my shoulders! God is good!

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