Friday, August 17, 2012

Help A Fellow Reece's Rainbow Family

Update: I was able to stop by the hospital today with your generous donations. I'm only in this area for a few more days so I'm taking the Chip In down. If I hear of someone else doing something for them, I will post the link here. Thank you all!

If you are a part of the RR family, you have already heard about this amazing family.  If you are in Western NY, you may have seen this news story.  

This family is from FL. They are in NY for their daugther's eye surgery. While they were here, there was a tragic accident. Two of their other children fell into the Erie Canal while strapped into their stroller. They now have 3 children in the hospital! One of them is still battling for her life. They are miles from their family, friends, and church.

If you've ever had a family member in the hospital, you know that the expenses add up very quickly. If you would like to help this family, you can donate through the Chip In on the Right that says Clanton Family. I will be in Rochester tomorrow and will present them with the money that has been donated.

Let's remind this family that they are not alone! Even if you can't donate, please pray!


  1. Thank you so much for doing this for Yvonne. We were going to start one, but you beat us to it. :)

    Many blessings, Life2Orphans, Inc./Megan

    1. Megan,

      I am going to take my Chip In down. I am only in town for a few more days. I was able to stop in today and leave $200 for them. If you want to do something more long-term, feel free. I'll link what you do to my blog post.