Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Scarf Style

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I have found another way to make the scarves. They use the Sashay yarn and a corresponding color of "regular" yarn. It falls in waves instead of circles like the other scarves. It is lighter than the original scarves.

I am charging $15 a scarf. This includes shipping. (If you are someone that I can hand deliver the scarf to, I will lower the price to $15.)

Here's how it's going to work:

*Leave me a comment and let me know what color you want and your email address.

*I will make a list of those who have ordered and the order in which you placed your order.

*When your scarf is ready, I will send you an invoice.

*When you have paid the invoice, I will ship your scarf.

*I will make as many as I can before I leave to get Sara. Placing an order does not necessarily guarantee that I will have time to make your scarf before I go. (That's why I don't want you to pay until your scarf is done.)

Color choices can be found on the Scarves for Sara post.

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