Sunday, August 12, 2012

Letters to My Daughter - Happy Birthday, Mija!


Tomorrow is your 4th birthday.  For a while, I thought I would be there celebrating with you.  A little while ago, I found out that wouldn't be possible.  I know that tomorrow will be hard--probably harder for me than it will be for you.  After all, your life is what you've known.  You've always celebrated your birthdays in an orphanage.  You have no idea what an over-the-top American birthday party is all about.  Don't worry!  You will know next year!  (Don't get used to it, though.  I'm not a huge fan of huge birthday parties.)  

On your birthday, I'll be flying to NY to visit your Nana, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncles and cousins. I can't wait to make that trip with you! (I really hope you like to fly!)

You're going to love your cousins Grace and Kinsley. (I'm sure Grace will teach you a lot!) I can't wait to see the three of you playing together.

Your Nana and Grandpa have cows, pigs, and chickens. I hope you love the animals and aren't afraid of them. (You can be afraid of the chickens a little. I am!) Maybe Grandpa will buy you some little boots so you can do chores with us. If not, I'm sure Nana will gladly let you stay in the house with her.

Your Uncle Rob isn't too sure about you right now. However, if you're willing to sit and watch his favorite movies over and over, I'm sure he'll love you. I don't know if he'll let you come on our regular movie outing. You might have to stay home with Nana.

Your Uncle Bryon is kind of a punk but I have a sneaking suspicion he will have a soft spot in his heart for you.

You are going to love our trips to NY. There is so much to do there in the summer. We'll take you to the fair to see all the animals. When you're a little older, we'll check out the Charcoal Corral and the Drive In. And, you have to take a trip to Niagara Falls!

So, Mija, on your birthday, I will spend the day dreaming of all the fun times we have ahead of us. I will pray that you are celebrated and loved. I will rejoice that this will be your last birthday without a family.

Te amo, Mija!
Tu Mami

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sara! I wish you were here, too! Mami forgot to mention that Uncle George will love you - esp. if you cry! But, he also smiles when little ones sing & talk, so you don't have to cry to see him smile! Don't be afraid of his wheelchair; it makes him look a little scary, but he's really not! I will definitely be happy to keep you here with me if Mami takes Uncle Rob somewhere & I know Grandpa can't wait for you to meet his animals!!
    Love you so much already!
    Love, Nana