Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Good Day!

I've been pretty frustrated for the last two weeks or so. It seemed like the home study would NEVER be done. Every day that went by with no movement, I got more concerned that I wouldn't be able to travel this summer when I actually have vacation time. Every time someone asked what the latest news was, I wanted to scream because there wasn't any.

Then....Today happened....

*My home study is in Springfield right now. If they don't need any additional information, it will be approved tomorrow and could be sent to Immigration and Homeland Security by the end of the week!! (This is HUGE!)

*I have received several donations to the puzzle piece fund raiser. My friend Becky is holding a 31 Party for Sara. I got another donation to my FSP. God is providing!!

*I found two more possible grants today. I'm mailing off 2 applications tomorrow. The rest will go out when I have the official home study in my hands.

I'm ENCOURAGED. Greatly! I feel like things are finally moving. It will be nice to fall asleep tonight and not be counting weeks until August 1st or the amount of money I still need to pay.

Once again, God has shown me that it's all in his hands and in his timing.


  1. Yay!! That means I'm that much closer to meeting my new granddaughter!!