Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where we are right now....

I've been so busy updating the posts for the fundraiser and writing Thank You cards, I haven't really gotten much of a chance to update on the progress of the adoption.

1. I did 10 hours of adoption training last weekend. I actually learned quite a bit and it gave me a lot to think about. I also met some great people that are in the same situation I am. It's so nice to know I'm not alone. I still have 4 hours to do online. I plan to do them this weekend.

2. I am STILL waiting for the form from my doctor for my physical. I'm going to call again tomorrow since it's been two weeks since I was there and a week since I got my blood work done. Seems like plenty of time to fill out a two-sided form to me. (Have I mentioned that I will be looking for a new doctor when this is all done.)

3. I talked to my home study social worker on Friday. She is still having a hard time getting some information from Mexico. I've contacted a few people and I'm hoping to get this situation resolved soon. Please pray that the right person will read an email or receive a call so that we can get this ball rolling. It's frustrating to me that this little thing could halt my adoption!

4. Once I get the form from the doctor and the one from Mexico, the home study will be done. It then has to go to Springfield for approval. Apparently, there is one person in the whole state that approves all home studies. Kind of crazy!

5. I owe $7,500 for program fees. The agency is going to let me pay half now and continue on with the dossier. I hope to have the rest after I apply for some grants--something I can't do until the home study is done. I'm glad that they are willing to work with me so that we can keep this process moving. I want my little girl home!

6. I got a really nice message from the school district. The director of special services says she's very excited to work with Sara and I. (She has no idea that I'm a special ed teacher.) I'm hoping to meet with her after my spring break since she is on break this week.

7. Next week, I will be traveling to NY to see my family. It will be nice to take a bit of a break from all the craziness and just relax. I'm also REALLY hoping that my new neice or nephew will make his/her entry in to the world while I'm there.

8. I continue to be very overwhelmed by all the love and support Sara and I have received. I really thought that people would just think I was crazy and go on with their lives. I had no idea how supportive and excited everyone would be for both of us. I'm inspired by the amazing, generous, loving, people in my life. I am so blessed!

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  1. These are all such encouraging updates. Can't wait to see you and help register for some great stuff for Sara.

    Not so sure we're going to be able to work out the niece or nephew thing but we'll see :)