Thursday, March 22, 2012

Give Away Update

The Give Away is going amazingly well. The Chip In is up to $570 and I have had several other donations made through Reece's Rainbow or in cash. Thank you so much!

The pig will continue to be the prize until Saturday at 10pm. If the Chip In gets to $1,000 before then, the whole pig will be given away.

Here are some of the upcoming prizes that I have confirmed (in no particular order):
*Knit and fleece blankets
*Hand made cards
*Mary Kay products
*A mural for a children's room
*Target gift card
*Party lite product
*Hand made children's aprons
*Spa Voucher (Chicago area)
*Bird House

I still have some other things in the works. Check back often!


  1. Natalie,
    My son is a bacon fanatic so the pig prize is intriguing. We live just north of Milwaukee, is that too far for delivery to a winner?

    In any event, best of luck to you! Your daughter is a beauty! I came to your blog from Reeces Rainbow.


  2. Sue,

    Thanks! I think she's pretty cute.

    We could probably work it out. If someone out here wins, my dad will bring it from NY. Maybe you and I could meet halfway?

    Thanks for your support.

  3. Natalie,

    Great - I think we could meet half way. I donated $50 this morning through Reeces Rainbow. Hoping to win some bacon for my 10 year old! I hope your giveaway raises lots of money for you! I will send you my full name/address/and RR donation receipt if my name is drawn (I don't like putting my full name on the internet postings). Thanks!