Monday, March 12, 2012

Letters to My Daughter--March 2012


I addressed you as Mija in your last letter because I wasn't allowed to tell everyone your name. I can now tell everyone that your name is Sara Rebecca Keller but I still like calling you Mija--after all, you are my daughter. I love that your name is Sara. It's a beautiful, simple name and I think it fits you perfectly. I couldn't have picked better myself. Your middle name is Rebecca--after your Nana. My middle name is my grandma's name and I love that tradition.

I fall asleep every night dreaming about the day that I will actually get to meet you. I think a lot of people are surprised that I haven't met you yet but it really doesn't matter to me. Most people don't meet their children before they come into their lives for good. It's no different with you. I love you, either way.

I've spent lots of time getting ready for you to come now that a lot of the paperwork is done. It's so nice to focus on you and not papers and details. I did lots of shopping for you this weekend and you have tons of cute summer clothes. Every time I fold something or hang it up in your closet, I marvel at how small you are and how cute you will be in pink!

You may be one of the most loved children on the planet. Your Tia Anna is coming this week to help me get your room ready. Your Nana, your Aunt Amy, and I are planning to scope out the stores and pick out all the things you will need when you come home. You have little friends that want to play at the park with you and big friends that want you to come swimming every day. Your play room is starting to fill up with toys. Your Grandpa wants you to come see his animals and ride the horse that he doesn't even have yet. So many people are excited about you coming home and are working hard to help me make that happen.

I really hope that the next few months fly by and you will soon be safely home and tucked into your adorable bed.

Te amo, mija!

Tu mami


  1. What's grand daughter in Spanish? I think I'll get another bed for the guest room so all 3 of you can sleep in there when you're all home. Can't wait!