Tuesday, February 26, 2013

What's the Story, Morning Glory?

Not sure why that song is stuck in my head. I do know that I'm singing because I'm so happy.

A lot has happened in the last 24 hours. I know that my facilitator and lawyer have continued to stalk the courthouse and do everything in their power to get this woman to fix her mistake. I know that they spoke with someone very high up in the social services office. I'm sure other things happened as well.

I got a call a little before 3. The facilitator asked if I could come sit at the courthouse with her and the lawyer. She thought maybe my presence would help. Of course, I agreed to go. I was willing to try anything.

As I was getting ready, she called to say she had gotten word that I could sign. We rushed as quickly as Bogota traffic allows to arrive as quickly as possible.

I signed the decree even though the mistake hadn't been corrected. It only took about 10 seconds. (It was kind if anticlimactic after all the drama.) I don't really understand all that happened but the secretary will fix her mistake tomorrow.

I should have the official decree and the new birth certificates on Thursday. We will go to apply for Sara's passport on Friday and pick it up on Monday. We should be able to go to the embassy on Tuesday for her visa and got home Wednesday.

Through this entire process, things have happened the day after I got to the end of my rope and had a meltdown. This time worked the same way. I lost it yesterday. I tend to bottle things up until I can't hold anything else in and then I fall apart. It doesn't happen often but it isn't pretty when it does.

I don't regret what I wrote yesterday. It was what I was feeling at the time. However, I want people to understand that this weird glitch is an exception to the process and shouldn't reflect on the entire program. I've had other friends come and go smoothly. I know several people who have adopted here more than once. There are beautiful children here who need families. Don't deny them that because I had a meltdown. Just look at the picture below. She's well worth all the stress.

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  1. Doing a happy dance for you! Now you can continue on with life as a family.