Friday, February 8, 2013

More on Bogota

I knew I'd think of some more things after I posted.

•Private security is a huge industry here. Everyone has a private security guard. Even the construction sites. Almost every store in the mall has well armed security. Hunting guns don't bother me but being around so many hand guns and high powered rifles makes me a little nervous.

•The police all seem to be 16. I've been told you have to do 6 months of service after graduation. They all roam the streets with night sticks. I've yet to see a police car but I did see two of them on a dirt bike.

•A lot of places have bomb sniffing dogs at the entrances of their parking lots.

•I could never drive here. You have to back into your parking spot every where you go and the spots are small.


  1. You forgot to mention how no one moves over on the sidewalk - I think they would mow us down if we didn't go on the grass!

  2. I can't wait to hear all about your trip! We'll have a play date ASAP when you get back! Praying you are able to enjoy Bogota this weekend;)