Saturday, February 9, 2013

Museo de Los Ninos

If you ever find yourself in Bogota, you should visit the children's museum. I haven't really done much since I've been here but Jason and I both decided we needed to do something this weekend to make it pass faster.

I found the children's museum on line. It was very reasonably priced so I didn't have high hopes. I figured even if it was lame, we'd get out of the house.

We got there around 10:30 and appeared to be the only ones there. We found out that there are about 20 different stations but you buy an hour and a half slot and get the three stations that are offered in that slot. We bought 4 tickets for the 11:00 slot. It was about $20 for 2 adults and 2 kids.

Our stations were mini-gymnastics, something about teeth and another one I don't remember. Just before we went in, a woman came over and said they wanted to offer us different stations because if the weather. (The museum was all inside so it didn't make sense to me.). They offered us mini-gymnastics, a sensory tunnel and gigantic food. Perfect choices for two preschoolers with Down syndrome! I didn't know that the big food was all about but gymnastics and sensory are the exact thing our girls need and love. I'm not sure why they gave the weather the credit for the change. I loved their willingness to accommodate our girls without even being asked.

We went through the three stations with a guide. She was really sweet and quickly adapted to our girls. (I was a little concerned when she wanted the girls to pick a group name. Neither of them really talk.). The three stations were all perfect. The sensory tunnel involved lights, music, bubbles and mirrors. Mini-gymnastics was mats, balls and tunnels. The giant food turned out to be a couple of slides. One of them ended in a ball out. Sara loves slides and Claudia found her happy place in the ball pit.

After an hour and a half, the parents were ready to go! I now have a snoring 4 year old next to me. Today, she's tired from lots of fun and not from boredom.

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