Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cards for A Cause

As you may remember, I am working this Christmas season to earn money for Kimberley's grant.

How could I not want to help this adorable child?

My first fundraiser for her will be Cards for a Cause through Usborne books.  

Each box of 30 cards costs $30.  
Think about how much you usually spend on a card.  It's far more than $1!

The cards are unique and you can choose All Occasion cards or Kids cards.

Kimberley's grant will get $13 of each box sold!

All of the cards will be shipped to me.
If you are local, I will deliver them to you.
If you are not local, I will ship them to you for an additional $3 charge.  
(If you are near my parents, I can deliver them to you at Thanksgiving.)

I will be taking orders from now until October 12th.

All payments can be sent to my paypal account using the email  
If you are local, you can write me a check and I will pick it up.
I will pay the Usborne consultant and then make a donation to Kimberley's grant.

Please let me know if you want Box 1 or Box 2.

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