Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Guide To Sara's Spanglish

The speech pathologist asked me to write a list of the words and phrases that Sara uses at home.  I had fun jotting down everything she said this weekend.   She has a lot more words that I thought.  Since I already have the list typed out, I thought I'd share it here.

Aca = Right here
Agua = Water - she uses it for water to drink, a bath, rain, swimming, anything related to water.
Aila for baila which means dance.  She uses it for music and dance.
A uz for La Luz which means the light.  
Avie for movie
Bye-a  She used to say Ciao but I haven't heard that in months.
Caca = poop
Cae - It means I fell.  She uses it for I fell, you fell, it's going to fall, etc.
Cheese when she wants you to take her picture
Chebre means cool or ok in Colombian slang.  She uses it for "it's all good"
Chi chi for the bathroom 
Chool for School
Cow - All animals are currently cows. 
Goo Gight for good night
Guacaca for Guacala.  It means gross.  
Hola = Hi 
Moo - uses with a cow
Natty for Natalie.  It's what she calls me when other people are around.
Never - Said in the manner of the evil woman on Tangled.  
Pan = bread 
Papel = Paper - she uses it for napkin, toilet paper, paper, tissues, paper towel
Pas - The word in spanish is Mas for more but she says pas
Pera for espera which is wait
Ready - Sometimes she says I Ready but it's rare.  
Seepin for sleeping
Shampoo (Same in English and Spanish)
Tia = Aunt 
Morowrow for Tomorrow--when she wants to watch Annie
Turn around - it's pretty mumbled but it's in there.
Wuve ou for Love You.  
Wow-Wow (Dog)
Ya - literally means already but it can be used for enough or done.
Ya wa wa for Your Welcome 

We were pretty sure she was saying "Zip It" for a while this summer but I haven't heard that one in a long time.  

There are other things that she will sign or repeat but those are pretty much the ones she uses unprompted.  

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  1. For sure she was saying zip it. And ya can also mean now. Does she use it in that context at all?