Monday, June 4, 2012

Meet Brady The Ironman

I used to have a rule that I wouldn't be facebook friends with someone I didn't actually know. This all went out the window when I started this process and became a part of the amazing Reece's Rainbow Community. Brady is just one of the amazing people I met.

Brady has an adorable son with Down Syndrome. He and his wife have decided to use that experience to help others by being supporters of Reece's Rainbow. Now, Brady has come up with a new way to advocate for these amazing children who need homes.

From Brady's blog:
Two months ago, Ironman announced a contest called Kona Inspired. How it works is they have given the general public an opportunity to submit a 90 second video based around the theme, "Anything is Possible". Winners receive a spot to race in the Ironman World Championship in October, but most importantly, they will race as a media athlete and have the opportunity to share their story on NBC's nationally televised broadcast of the championship this year! THIS COULD BE OUR OPPORTUNITY TO SHARE THESE PRECIOUS CHILDREN'S STORY WITH THE WORLD!!!

Please take a moment to WATCH, VOTE, and SHARE our video as much as possible throughout the day from your home computer, work computer, laptop, phone, etc! We need to be in the top 2 videos at the end of the day on June 18.

Brady has made it to the semi-finals. So, the moral of the story: Click on the link below and vote. As often as you can. (As Chicagoans like to say: Vote early. Vote often.) It's a very easy way for you to promote the work of Reece's Rainbow.

Watch me!!!!

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