Sunday, October 27, 2013

Angel Tree Fundraisers

I am working to raise money for Kimberley's grant this Christmas season.  The goal is to raise $1,000!  I will keep this post updated with current fund raisers.  I hope you check back and help out where you can!  I will also keep an updated total of the money raised between November 1 and December 31st.

Current Fundraisers:
October 1-December 31:  Scarves and Skirts for Sara.  So far this has raised $21.50 for Kimberley.  50% of the selling price of each item will be donated to Kimberley's grant.  This includes Buy It Now items and special order items.

November 1-December 31 - Ornaments Available.  Any donation of $35 or more to Kimberley's grant will get you a beautiful Reece's Rainbow ornament with Kimberley's picture on it.

November 1-15:  Online Auction.  I am looking for donations if you have something that you can donate.  Here is a post with the current items.

November 1-27:  Colossal Crossroads Challenge.  This is a local event.  So far this has raised $348 for Kimberley.  

Upcoming Fundraisers:  
November:  Paparazzi Jewelry Sale..   There will be an online sale and a local party.  The local party will be on November 22nd.  The online sale will start shortly after.  (Just in time for Cyber Monday!)

Past Fundraisers:
October 1-12:  Cards for a Cause.  This event raised $261 for Kimberley.

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