Sunday, August 25, 2013

Letters to My Daughter - End of Summer


It's 6:30PM on Sunday night.  You are laying on the couch next to me falling asleep.  I'm sitting here dreading going back to work tomorrow.  You went back to school on Tuesday but my going back officially signifies the end of summer.  We've had such an amazing summer.  It makes me sad to see it go but I know that we both need to get back to structure, routine and bed times!

It was so great for both of us to have this time together.  We had the same amount of time together in the winter but I think we were both so in shock that we didn't really get to enjoy it.  This summer was all about fun, family, and being together.

I learned so much about you.

*I learned that you prefer to stay up late and sleep in.  We got back into our habit of staying up until 9 and sleeping in until 8.  You are definitely struggling to get back on a school schedule.

*I learned that you do not like to be hot.  Bogota is so high that it never really gets hot there.  You've been outside for a couple of hot days this summer and you become very crabby.

*I learned that the only thing that makes you crabbier than being hot is being tired.

*I learned that you are an amazing traveler.  You have been from one end of the country to the other this summer and have done amazingly well.  You seem to thrive on travel---just like your mom.

*I learned that you love to swim but you have no idea how to do it.  You want to be let go in the pool but you don't even try to stay up.  You just sink like a rock.  I learned that you need to take swimming lessons soon.

*I learned that you don't really know how to play with children your own age.  If you can't be in charge, you don't really know what to do with other kids.

*I learned that you love people and love to meet new people but you still want mom nearby.  Even in the midst of playing, you will come check in with me to make sure that I am sharing in the excitement.

*I learned that you like people on your terms.  You aren't fond of people who are too in your face.  You prefer the ones that are ignoring you.  You like smaller groups of people and can get overwhelmed in a big crowd.

*I learned that you are even more famous than I thought and that you charm everyone you meet.

*I learned that 5 sounds so much older than 4.

*I learned that you have no idea what a birthday is but you love the attention that it brings.

*I learned that bandaids don't fix your owies.  They actually make them worse in your mind.

You've learned a lot too.

*You've learned so many new words.  You can say Mom now.  You call me that all the time when it's just the two of us but switch to Natty when other people are around.  Sleeping (seepin, seeping) is one of your favorites along with "Wait."  We were all pretty sure you were saying "Zip It" when we were camping but I haven't heard that one in a while.

*You've learned how to unbuckle the seat belt on a plane and in a car.  This is a problem.  I think you're going to be in your 5-point harness seat for a while.

*You've learned not to be afraid of falling water.  You will now play in sprinklers and take a shower.  You still don't really like the rain but it doesn't stress you out nearly as much as it used to.

*You've learned that sometimes we stop at a gas station just to get gas or go to the bathroom.  We don't get a snack every time.  This was a heartbreaking lesson for you to learn but you seem to get it now.  You get so excited when you do actually get it snack.  It's precious.

I have absolutely the best summer with you.  I loved watching you meet so many of the important people in my life and charming each and every one of them.  I loved the days that we got to sleep in and cuddle in the mornings and the nights when I let you fall asleep on the couch next to me.  I loved taking you to almost every kind of medical specialist around and having almost all of them tell me that you are doing amazingly well and completely healthy.  I loved that my only job this summer was to be your mom.

Sadly, summer can't last forever and I have to earn a paycheck so we can continue to have fun.   I can't wait to see what the fall brings for you.  I'm excited to see you play soccer and take swimming lessons.  I'm excited to see how much you learn in school.  Most of all, I'm excited just to be your mom!


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  1. <3 She is precious. And I love that you call her "mija". I used to call Alivia that, even though she didn't know what it meant.