Saturday, August 3, 2013

Facebook Statuses--Part 2

I need to write a real post about our three week marathon vacation but I'm just too tired.  So, until then, here are some facebook statuses from the last week.  (In reverse chronological order.)

I just got a notification that I have to go to a hearing because my trash cans were out on the street too long. Seriously? Who cares! I know the police in this town have more important things to do.

Sara did not want to leave the house today. We have a really long errand list and she reminds me at every stop that this is not how she wanted to spend her day.

Picking out mom's clothes today. (It's clear I need some help in the style department.)

Gotta love a home made sign.

Longest prayer ever tonight. I think she just found another way to prolong bed time.

Anyone else think we should just go back to the days of arranged marriages?

She just sat at the counter and started praying. Guess I should get started on dinner.

Best purchase I've made in a long time. ‪#‎knotgenie‬ ‪#‎notearsthismorning‬

My plans to sleep alone did not go well.

I'm super excited to sleep in my bed alone tonight. I've shared a room/bed with Sara for the last three weeks. Now if I could just convince her to sleep in her own bed....

Home. Tired and a bit crabby.

100 more miles. Ugh.

Trying to figure out how to get home without driving for 10 hours tomorrow.

Maybe I shouldn't have laughed so hard when Sara wet on my dad's lap the other day. You know what they say about karma.

Still no car. They just called to say they hoped it would be ready in the next couple of days. I informed them it WOULD be ready by the weekend or they would have to figure out how to get it to Chicago. She then said it might be done tonight.

Big girl.

Our generation gets a bad rep but check out the grandmas at the park today.

We are going to my aunt's house for lunch. Sara apparently has additional plans.

Last I heard (a week ago), my car is supposed to be ready tomorrow. Now I have to decide when to make the dreaded drive back.

Sara now says "wove ya!" Melts my heart every time.

This is his I feel about it. Sara isn't extra special because she has an extra chromosome. She has Down syndrome but she's extra special because she's sweet and sassy and smart.

Poor baby has been asleep on the floor of my parents' very busy house for two hours. Summer has caught up with her for sure.

Rob to Sara: "I guess you can eat this in the living room. Your mom has different rules than our house."
Poor kid is so literal. He doesn't understand why Sara doesn't have all the rules he does. He chased her around this morning because she was touching the dirty part of the fly swatter. He's not supposed to touch that part. 
Now he's telling her that her crumbs are going to attract mice and her mom is afraid of mice. 
Our presence stresses him out a little.

Views like this make me contemplate moving back here.

Circle C Ranch. Some things don't change. 

My girl is growing up way to fast. She's grown up two years in the last six months. I brought home a frightened little toddler and I now have a confident little preschooler.

Super excited to visit Circle C tomorrow and visit with Ryan Howard Morgan. I can't believe it's been 20 years since my first summer working there. (I can't believe I'm old enough to say "it's been 20 years since...")

Sara's first canoe ride.

We went to a vow renewal reception today. Rob announced very loudly:
"Natalie! You should go out there! They want all the single ladies for something." 

Help! There's a munchkin asleep on my neck!

I'm convinced my child has the sharpest elbows in the world. Just ask my dad. 

Work is changing insurance providers. None of the specialists Sara has seen are covered. Lovely. Thanks a lot, Obama.

I promise.  I'll write a real update when I get out from under the three weeks of luggage and sleep deprivation.  

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