Thursday, July 11, 2013


My blog hit 60,000 views today.  That is incomprehensible to me.  Here are some random facts about those 60,000 views.

Most viewed posts:
International Adoption Grants 991 Views  (I'm glad people are using this post!  That's why I wrote it.)
Item 1 - Half a Pig from Grandpa 893 Views (Best fund raising idea ever.  I have no idea why people still look at it.)
Before and After 788 Views
Bonding and Attachment and Stuff  435 Views (People ask for this link every so often.  Sara followed none of the rules.)
Skirts for Sara 427 Views (I'm still making these to help other families/children!)  
Life At Home 419 Views

Here are the search terms that people used to get to my blog.  Some make sense; some are interesting.
Traverse City, MI
31 Party
Natalie Keller blog
how to make scarves with yarn
life's amazing journey natalie keller
turning 35
happy birthday letter to my daughter
love Bible verse on canvas
making scarves with yarn

49,000 of the views came from the US.  Here are where the other readers came from:
New Zealand
United Kingdom
I know people in Canada, Germany, Mexico, Sweden and Colombia.  Russia, New Zealand, Germany, the UK, and Australia are mysteries to me.

My readership has dropped off greatly since the adoption finished.  This totally makes sense to me.  Most of the hits came from Reece's Rainbow and my profile on there.  I think fewer people check the Already Home page than the in process pages.  

I will continue to try and write posts that update you all on Sara's progress as well as posts that can be used as a resource for others in process.  

If you ever have an idea for a blog post, or a burning question, leave me a comment!


  1. I love reading the "Already Home" page and blogs. Love to see how the kiddos change and bloom. Keep writing!