Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Facebook Statuses

For those of you who are not in my Facebook world, here are a few status updates from the last week that give you a glimpse into our daily lives.  Believe it or not, there is a lot that I don't share on Facebook and even more that I don't share on the blog.  I love using Sara's story to encourage and educate others but I also think that privacy is very important for a child.  I will occasionally allude to the struggles we have day-to-day but I don't outline them.  It's not necessary.  Any way, off my soap box.  Here are some statuses:

There is a groupon for dance classes in Orland. I think it's a sign.

I heard footsteps up stairs and then they stopped. Apparently she got tired while looking for me. This is the kitchen floor.

Sara has some amazing sleep avoidance tactics. The problem is that I've never employed any of these tactics so I don't know how to counter them. I've never avoided bed in my life. Ask my mom or anyone I've ever lived with!

A glimpse into my morning.

Me: Sara, are you going to be crabby like this for your teachers?
Sara: Nope. 
Well I guess that's good.

Sara has been up every day before 7 since she's been off school. (Except the day after the wedding.). Today she goes back to school and she's sound asleep. Ugh.

And now she's calling me Natalie.

First Sunday in a month we haven't been traveling. Sara gave me a very weird look when I told her we were going to church. She wants to go to school instead.

Sara has been watching her Gotcha Day video for the last few days. I wonder what she's thinking.

Working on a blog post about the wedding with tears running down my face. (It could be partly because I "slept" with the Thrasher last night. I'm exhausted.) I can't get over how loved and accepted my little girl is. Everywhere we go people tell me how wonderful she is. I definitely won the "Adoption Lottery." Thank you to every one of you who love her for exactly who she is.

Travel much?

Sara's officially tired. She's dancing but making everyone hold her while she does it.

Will you all please join me in praying that Sara takes a nap on the way to the wedding today? It's really the only way we are both going to survive this experience.

A year ago, I was convinced she was never coming home. Today she's the flower girl in a friend's wedding. 

Today's word of the day is pool. Sorry to disappoint you again, hon, but no swimming today. You do get to put on a beautiful dress and dance until you're exhausted.

Twice today Sara saw swimming pools and stripped her dress off in record time. 
1. That dress comes off way too easily. 
2. We might need to have a chat about modesty. 
On a side note---when we pulled up in front of Jeana's house today, she instantly said agua. We've only been there once and she couldn't see the pool from the front of the house. This girl's memory amazes me!

Miss Independent doesn't need help anymore.

Sara is running around the house saying Cool. 
Sorry, Chica. No school today. 
She only has one more week of summer school. August could be long.

Happy 4th of July from our family to yours. (Means just a little more to me this year!)

It's not a wedding rehearsal unless the flower girl and ring bearer both cry---at the same time.

Sara has been puking randomly every few days for the last two weeks or so. This can't be normal.

So, there you have it.  A little glimpse into our daily lives.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  

And, just for fun.  A couple more pictures from the wedding!

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