Friday, January 18, 2013


This week is known as the bonding period. It is supposed to last 5 to 7 days. Ours is 8. We will have our integration meeting on Tuesday to make sure that all is going well abs everyone thinks we should proceed.

After that our case goes to court. We don't know yet what judge we will get but we are praying that it is a pro-adoption judge who will move quickly. The court process is definitely the longest step and will determine how long we are here. Please pray it goes quickly. I'm already anxious to go home.

After the court process, the rest should go quickly.

Sara continues to adjust well. She's smart and adorable and loving and very spunky. I can't wait to get her home and settled into real life.

Right now we are doing a lot of nothing. We try to kill some time each day. She naps for two hours in the afternoon which is really nice. She sleeps well and loves to eat. I'm convinced she's already starting to understand some English.

It takes her a solid hour to wake up in the morning and after a nap. A solid hour. She has her eyes open but won't sit up or talk. Just stares at you. That's gonna make mornings interesting when school starts.

We've loved skyping with so many of you. She tends to hog the camera. She loves to look at herself. I don't think she realizes she's supposed to be meeting her new friends.


  1. May your process continue to go smoothly!

  2. I adopted my special needs daughter as a single person in Russia
    the alone time together was the best thing for us. Did not have any bonding issues at all. Did not have to worry about not having people meet her.
    Good Luck! and enjoy these days alone together!