Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I've been really overwhelmed lately with the thought that this time last year Sara was gearing up for another Christmas in another orphanage.  She was in a nice place so I'm sure they did something for Christmas Day but not to the extent she will celebrate this year.

Sara has been given the opportunity to go to a Princess Ball held at a local hotel and sponsored by the Oak Lawn Children's Museum.  If you know Sara at all, you know that this is a dream come true for her.  She loves all things princess and dressing up.  She loves to eat and dance.  This is pretty much her ideal day.  I'm so honored that she was chosen to go and I know she will love it.  This is what really started me thinking about how much her life has changed.  

Her life has changed not just because she has a mommy who loves her but because she has a whole community of friends and family that love her.  I didn't buy her these tickets.  Someone chose to give them to her.  It's a father/daughter event so I can't go with her.  My father is taking her.  She doesn't have winter dress shoes.  A "fairy godmother" is taking her shopping before the ball.  As much as I want to do it all for her, I just can't.  

I have friends that jump at the chance to help out with her, to watch her, to love on her.  I have a family that can't wait to see her and spend time with her.  I have a church community that has been incredibly accepting.  I have a Gigi's playhouse around the corner where I am simply Sara's mom because it's all about the kids.  

This time last year, I was planning a Thanksgiving Pity Party with my friend Angie because our girls weren't home yet and wouldn't be home for Christmas.  Our girls were unaware of how hard their moms were working to bring them home.  They were celebrating another Christmas without us and we were counting down the days until mid-January.  

This year, we are planning a fun outing with our amazing little princesses.  Both girls are growing and developing and learning so quickly.   Both are girls are loved and accepted in our families, churches, communities and in their schools.  

So, as I stress about packing, work, and my to-do list, I need to take a deep breath and remember that this Thanksgiving is different.  This Thanksgiving I am grateful for the little girl who has forever changed my life.  I am thankful for those who helped her get home.  I am thankful for those in my life who continue to encourage me as I figure out this parenting thing.  I am thankful for people who laugh along side of me at her antics.  I am thankful that I have the privilege of being Sara's mommy.  

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  1. I am so thankful Sarah is home, too! And thankful to you, Natalie, for the blog you write to educate, inform and inspire everyone who is also on the path...! Val from Heartsent