Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Dismuke Family

Meet the Dismuke family.  I "met" Heather in an online group of adopting families.  She agreed to make some Red Sox bows for me so we instantly became "friends."  Heather's adoption originally started about the same time as mine.  Because her family got caught up in a political shutdown, they had to change countries and essentially start over.  It is now looking like they will travel to meet their new daughters in January 2014.  

Here is what their Reece's Rainbow profile has to say about the Dismukes:

Michael and Heather have been married for almost 8 years (has it really been that long?). They have two wonderful little girls who we cherish with all their hearts (R and S). In 2008, Heather started hinting to Michael that she wanted to adopt but Michael had many misconceptions of adoption (ex: only people who cant have children adopt). So, Heather prayed and hinted A LOT that she wanted more children and she wanted them through adoption. You see, Heather has had adoption on her heart for years. She wanted a child from every continent if God would allow her (well that is what she thought when she was a teenager). Heather prayed daily that God would open Michael’s heart to adoption. Then, the craziest thing happened, He put families who had adopted in he’s path. He saw what adoption really looks like. He saw children who had possibilities because they had a loving family. One night, while surfing the web, Heather got on the this advocacy website, Reece’s Rainbow, because one of those families that God was using to soften Michael’s heart where adopting two beautiful little ones. We identified a little girl in a country in Eastern Europe and we began the process.
As the months went on, they found themselves done with the home study and own to the dossier stage. They where moving right along and it felt great. Then road bumps started to occur but no bump is to big for God so they continued with faithful hearts. Then one day, the door was slammed shut, and our adoption was put into limbo. They lived on a roller coaster; with good days and very bad days. They continued because they new this was what God wanted. Then one night with tears in her eyes, Heather prayed that God would give them a yes or no….Heather needed a direct answer…no maybe. The next morning, He gave her that answer and while it was not the answer she was hoping for, it was the answer they would except.
So, here they are, starting again, not from the start but close to it. They have gone from the red bear and have chosen to go the red thread journey. While it is not the journey they started out on, it is the journey God intended them to go on.

Heather and her family have worked tirelessly to complete all the mountains of paperwork and meet all the requirements required--twice!!  They currently have preapproval for Johanna and are hoping to get preapproval for another little girl very soon.  

Can we encourage this wonderful family?  Even if you can't make a donation, head over to their blog and leave an ENCOURAGING comment.  Adoption is hard.  It's exhausting.  Encouragement and support are crucial---even when they come from complete strangers.

If you love adoption blogs like I do, you can follow their journey  here.    
If you feel led to donate to this amazing family, you can make a tax-deductible donation here.   They have a matching grant.  Any donations made through Lifesong will be doubled!  (All the information you need to donate is on their blog.)  

If you want to purchase a hand-knit item to help with adoption costs, you can do that on my Scarves and Skirts for Sara's Friends page.  (50% of the price of the item will go to the Dismuke family.)

The Dismuke family currently has an Adoption Bug Tshirt sale and Just Love Coffee sale going on.  A percentage of each purchase goes to their adoption fund.  

Can you find a way to support and encourage this great family?  

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